Katy Perry Collapses On 'American Idol' After Gas Leak — Watch Scary Video

This season's auditions didn't exactly go off without a hitch.

Katy Perry Collapses On 'American Idol' After Gas Leak — Watch Scary Video Getty Images 

Every year, the American Idol auditions are some of the most fun episodes to watch all season, but this time around, they were especially eventful. 

On Sunday night's episode, a gas leak shut down auditions, causing everyone to evacuate... and it may have even been a little dangerous for the show's judges.

In fact, Katy Perry ended up collapsing when first responders came to her rescue — and there's video footage to prove it. So what happened on American Idol? Here's what we know. 


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1. The smell of propane interrupted auditions. 



A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Feb 21, 2020 at 3:47pm PST

The incident began when Perry, along with fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, were sitting at the judges' table waiting for the next contestant to come in. They admitted they all smelled gas — propane, they guessed, which Perry called "pretty intense" — and before long, there were alarms going off that led to the entire building was being evacuated. This meant that auditions were cut short, and everyone had to wait outside until it was clear to enter the building again. 


2. Firefighters attributed the leak to the kitchen.

Once first responders arrived, they checked out the situation, only to figure out that there was, in fact, a gas leak, which seemed to originate from a failed pilot light in the kitchen. 

"We were called here today to the set of American Idol because of a gas leak," one firefighter told camera operators. "We got here, everybody was rushing out... there was something wrong with the pilot light in the kitchen, and the problem has been mitigated and it is safe to enter the buildling again." 

3. Perry collapsed after she had evacuated the building.



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Before everyone could make their way back into the building, Perry was seen saying, "I'm not feeling good," as she collapsed onto the ground. Her injury didn't seem too extreme, though, because as first responders surrounded her to make sure she was okay, she was caught texting on her phone with a smile on her face. But whether or not she was hamming it up for the sake of good TV or not, it seems like Perry's collapse was taken seriously, and in the end, she got back up, hugging the EMTs and thanking them for "saving her life." 


4. She's already reached out to first responders to thank them for their hard work. 

When the episode aired on Sunday, Perry took to Twitter to share footage of the episode, along with her own message to those who had helped her out that day. 

"Big shout out to all our first responders around the country — thanks for risking your lives every day and all night long," she tweeted, referencing judge Richie's hit song. 

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5. Perry's family was also concerned about her.

In other tweets, Perry admitted that her collapse had ellicited quite a response from her loved ones, including her parents.


"FIRST OF ALL, do you know how many texts I got from my mom and dad about the texts they got asking if I was okay," Perry wrote, joking in another tweet, "SECOND OF ALL, I’m used to smelling gas at the desk but it’s usually @lukebryanonline." 

Anything to poke fun at Bryan, right?

6. It all led to a happy ending, though.

In the end, the building was cleared, and Perry seemed to be as good as new. Even better than that? The firefighters who responded to the call even ended up dancing and singing with Richie to "All Night," so although it must have been a bit of a scary incident, all's well that ends well. Perry even gave them all a golden ticket to Hollywood for their efforts! 


Another day, another audition cycle at American Idol. What could possibly happen next? 

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