10 Reasons You Should Always Embrace Being The Smart Girl

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10 Reasons You Should Always Embrace Being The Smart Girl

What is a smart girl? A smart girl is simply a woman who is knowledgeable in one or more areas. When we think of smart girls, we normally think of women who excel academically, like valedictorians or STEM majors.

But there are different types of "smart," and no one should feel inferior if they weren’t a straight-A student. When it comes to how to be smart, or improve your intelligence, know that this can be displayed in many different ways, including through music, nature, and even interpersonal relationships.

Intelligence is not one size fits all ― and remembering this is the key to being a girl boss.

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We all know that nice guys finish last, but the same proves to be true for smart women. It seems that the more intelligent a woman is, fewer men try to pursue her romantically.

Intelligent women also tend to be patronized more than their intelligent male counterparts. Little comments like “she’s a know it all” or “she’s bossy” are subtle digs at a woman’s ability to assess her intelligence.

It doesn’t help that most men seem to be running after extremely attractive girls who don’t have much to say, as opposed to pursuing the outspoken smart girl ―  not to say that one type of woman is superior to another. All women are beautiful, but why is it that men are choosing beauty in the absence of brains?

As we have seen in numerous film depictions of the smart women, female characters hardly ever have both beauty and brains. These characteristics are viewed as mutually exclusive. A movie’s one-dimensional portrayal forgets that it’s completely possible for a girl to be intelligent, as well as physically attractive.

Sometimes, women even feel the need to dumb ourselves down for the sake of being more “attractive.” But we need to realize that being intelligent is attractive!

Being smart is what allows us to innovate change and excel in whatever areas we chose. And that is very attractive.

Being a smart woman has nothing to do with a man. It’s about a woman deciding to apply what she knows to reach a goal. Embrace your intelligence, because it’s something that is uniquely yours.

Here's why you should embrace being a smart girl, because not only do they get things done, but they feel good while doing it.

1. Smart girls are self-aware.

With intelligence comes self-awareness. Smart girls are aware of their goals, and the areas in which they need to improve. Her intelligence allows her to see things for what they truly are.

2. Ambitious women are smart women.

Smart women have plans and goals, and they'll accomplish them no matter what anyone says. She's clever enough to know that to achieve anything, she has to be motivated to do so. And her drive speaks to her intelligence.

3. She's confident in her abilities.

Smart women are aware of their intelligence, so this translates into her work ethic. She trusts herself to do well, and doesn't doubt her abilities. This is what allows her to be confident.

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4. Smart women are visionaries.

Women who see a problem are the ones that can make a change. Smart women tend to be more in tune with injustices and inequalities. When they notice that something is unjust, they use their brain as a way to evoke change through executing a vision.

5. She values her voice.

Smart women know their voice is important, and she doesn’t shy away from speaking up. Her extent of being outspoken can range from speaking up to answer a question, all the way to presenting new ideas to her boss.

6. She's adaptable.

Women, in general, know that everything doesn't always go according to plan. The difference is that smart women plan for failure. Her back-up plan even has a back-up plan, so there's no room for backing down.

She knows change is inevitable, so she's always ready to roll with the punches.

7. Smart women are curious.

The reason smart women know so much is because she asks questions. Her curiosity allows her to learn more because she's searching for an answer. Her curiosity is part of the reason why she’s so smart.

8. Her optimism is balanced with her awareness of reality.

She's optimistic, but her head isn’t fully in the clouds. Smart women know it’s important to have dreams, and she makes hers a reality by breaking it down into steps so it’s more attainable.

9. She's witty.

Smart women are really good with words. Not all smart girls master humor, but they are great at using words to their advantage. And it goes far beyond just puns and sarcasm; she can change an entire situation when she speaks.

10. Her time is valuable.

Smart women value their time because they know you can't get it back when it's gone. Lots of people view time as money, and she takes it seriously, prioritizing and delegating her time to make the most of it.

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