Who Is Deyontay Wilder's Fiancé? Everything You Wanted To Know About Telli Swift

Everything fans need to know about his leading lady before his big match.

Who Is Deyontay Wilder's Fiancé? Everything You Wanted To Know About Telli Swift getty

This weekend, Deyonte Wilder is headed to Las Vegas, where he'll be facing off against Tyson Fury in a rematch that boxing fans have been waiting for.

Lately, there's been a pretty important woman in Wilder's life, too — his fiancé — and we expect to see her there as well.

So who is Deyontay Wilder's fiancé? Here's what fans need to know about Telli Swift.

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1. Wilder has a complicated relationship history. 

Although Wilder is currently engaged to Swift, in the past, he has been married before — to Jessica Scales-Wilder, but obviously, they've since split. Swift and Wilder have a daughter together, two-year-old Kaorii, and Wilder has seven other children from his previous relationships, making theirs a big blended family. 

2. But who is Deyontay Wilder's fiancé now? He and Swift have been seen on reality TV. 

Swift, who is now 32, is best known for starring on WAGS: Atlanta, and yes, Wilder has made a few appearances on the show as her husband-to-be. Before that, Swift made her living as a model, and she's managed to gain quite a following on her Instagram account, where she now boasts more than 334,000 followers. 


3. She heads up the Boxing Wags Association. 

Swift is in charge of the Boxing Wags Association, a group of women who have been married to or dated boxers and want to help raise money for important causes.

According to the Boxing Wags Assocation website, here's what they're all about: "Comprised of talented and diverse wives and girlfriends of active and retired boxers, our mission is to unite and empower our members to perform and support philanthropic initiatives that enhance the quality of life for families in our communities."

4. Wilder and Swift first met at the airport. 



A post shared by Telli Swift (@telliswift) on Feb 18, 2020 at 4:28pm PST

In an interview in 2019, Swift explained that she and Wilder first crossed paths at LAX airport, and the rest was history.


"We met at LAX airport 4 years ago. We saw each other from a distance at check in, then again at TSA, then he finally spoke to me while we were both going to our gates," she said. "Leave it to Instagram DMs — we got in touch with each other two weeks before my family reunion which so happened to be in Alabama where Deontay is from. The rest is history."

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5. She has talked about what it's like to support him in his career.

Later in the interview, Swift shared how she felt about being engaged to a boxer.

"It takes a lot of love, strength and patience to support someone who puts their life on the line as their career," she said. "Showing him love and nursing him back to good health are just a couple things I do, as well as throw him parties to celebrate his victories allowing him to decompress from all the blood, sweat and tears he puts into his craft."

6. Swift frequently posts about their daughter on Instagram.

It's pretty clear that when she's not busy running her fundraising organization or supporting Wilder in the ring, Swift is all about their daughter, Kaorii — her Instagram is flooded with photos of her, which are all super adorable. 


Don't be surprised if you spot Swift at the match, rooting Wilder on. It seems like she's already getting pumped for the fight ahead.

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