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How Did DJ Slick B Die? Detroit DJ Shot And Killed In Robbery

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How Did DJ Slick B Die? Detroit DJ Shot And Killed In Robbery

While the name DJ Slick B may not ring any bells in the mainstream musical world, his name garners a lot of cache — and respect — in hip hop. His contributions to the Detroit music scene in general — and to Detroit hip hop, in particular — are immeasurable, and many of his contemporaries refer to him as a modern legend. 

So when word was released that Slick B was dead, it sent shockwaves throughout his community, throughout the Detroit music scene, throughout the hip hop world, and throughout the pop world in general. 

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How did DJ Slick B die? Let's look at what we know about this awful tragedy. 

1. How did DJ Slick B die? It was a 'robbery gone wrong.'

On Friday, February 7, 2020, at approximately 7:25 p.m. CT, Byron Gilbert (DJ Slick B's real name) and his friend, whose name was not released to the press, were held up at gunpoint. Subsequently, the suspect shot them both. Although the other man survived his injuries, DJ Slick B was taken to Sinai Grace Hospital in Detroit, MI, where the Wayne County Medical Examiner said that he died from his injuries


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2. The outpouring of grief was immediate. 

Matthew Clark, who was a friend of DJ Slick B's, said that his late friend was a 'pioneer' in Detroit hip hop. "I feel like we lost one of us. The whole city is hurting right now," he said of DJ Slick B's death. Subsequently, an entire segment of the local news broadcast was dedicated to DJ Slick B's contributions to the local music scene. You can see the clip in the video above.

3. DJ Slick B was scheduled to perform the night he was killed. 

In what has to be the most ironic, and unfortunate, turn of events, DJ Slick B was scheduled to perform at an event called "Life Is Good" at the Annex. He was also set to do a set at the Hemp Museum in Detroit. As of this writing, both fliers advertising the events are still up on DJ Slick B's Instagram page. 

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4. He was only 28 years old. 

Even though DJ Slick B kept his private life pretty private — and as such, little, if anything, is known about his private life — what is known for sure is that the popular DJ was only 28 years old when he was killed. He was also the father of 3 children, although it's unclear who the mother, or mothers, of these children, are.

5. Detroit officials are calling for gun violence reform in the wake of DJ Slick B's death. 

"On this beautiful Sunday morning, I am saying a heart filled prayer for the family, friends, and supporters of Byron Gilbert, also known as DJ Slick B. This weekend the youth and hip hop culture within the City of Detroit was broken by the news of his tragic passing. Each year he donates his time to DJ our Infinite Scholars Scholarship Fair to provide a fun atmosphere for our students. I am grateful that I had the pleasure to meet and spend time with this humble, sweet young man and honor him with various well-deserved accolades," said Brenda Jones, the Detroit city council president. "His potential was limitless and his contribution to the hip hop community in the City of Detroit is legendary. Detroit, I beg you to stop the violence. Stop taking the lives of your brothers and sisters. We all share the same struggles, the same history and the same pain. We are one and must begin to stand as one."

6. Video of the suspects was released, but no arrests were made. 

The Detroit city police released a surveillance video of the two suspects they believe were involved in DJ Slick B's death. They fled the scene in a black SUV. However, as of this writing, no arrests have been made. We will keep you updated as this story breaks.

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Our thoughts are with DJ Slick B's family and friends during this difficult time. 

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