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Who Is Queen Key? Why Rapper's Feuding With Her Baby Daddy 600Breezy — Who Allegedly Got Her Pregnant With Triplets

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Who Is Queen Key? Why Rapper's Feuding With Her Baby Daddy 600Breezy — Who Allegedly Got Her Pregnant With Triplets

Her style of hip hop is classified as a combination of "girl power and uncontrollable laughter," even though some may view her ways as, perhaps, a little bit less-than-ladylike. Yet, that's what makes her one of the most popular rising stars in the rap world today. 

Lately, though, her profile's been raised because she and her alleged baby daddy, 600 Breezy, have been going back and forth in a nasty Twitter war that rivals that of Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill's latest rounds of online brutality. 

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So: who is Queen Key, and what's she fighting about with her baby daddy about? Let's look at what we know about her. 

1. Who is Queen Key? She's a Chicago rapper. 

Born Ke'Asha McClure in June of 1996 in Chicago, IL, Queen Key (who got her name as an abbreviation of her first name) first started rapping at the tender age of 6, when she was known as "Baby Niko." After she changed her professional name to Queen Key in 2015, she dropped two mixtapes filled with freestyles in 2016: Your Highness and Beauty in a Beast. These mixtapes were filled with hit hip hop singles like "Baked as a Pie," "My Way," and "Ratchet." But it was only when she released the first installment of the so-called Eat My P***y project in 2018 that she began to take the rap world by storm. 

2. She posted a video of 600 Breezy performing oral sex on her back in September 2019. 

In a September 2019 tweet that was subsequently deleted, Queen Key posted a video of her alleged baby daddy, 600 Breezy, performing oral sex on her. Unfortunately for 600 Breezy, his skill set wasn't exactly on point because she snarked that he was acting like he was (to put it politely) performing fellatio, not cunnilingus. "You not in jail no more, Damon!" she snarled, referring to 600 Breezy by his legal first name. 

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3. 600 Breezy defended himself against the accusations. 

In an attempt to defend himself against the accusations of not being able to perform oral sex properly, 600 Breezy took to his Instagram stories, which have since been deleted, to say that he knew that Queen Key was going to post the video to Twitter — and, in fact, he told her to post the video. He also said that he could tell she was feeling "hurt" and to let the hurt go because he didn't want to get personal and hurt her feelings. You can check out a recording of what 600 Breezy said at the time below. 

4. Shortly after their public fallout, Queen Key said 600 Breezy got her pregnant with triplets. 

In a series of very NSFW tweets, Queen Key called out 600 Breezy for getting her pregnant with triplets, only to then abandon her to take up with Sky from the hit VH1 show Black Ink Crew. (She later revealed that she was having a girl and two boys.) She also made fun of Sky for being "too old" to have children, even though Sky's only 36 years old. 

5. When 600 Breezy denied being the father of the triplets, Queen Key took to Instagram to blast him. 

After 600 Breezy denied being the father of Queen Key's triplets, Queen Key took to her Instagram stories, which have since been deleted, to blast 600 Breezy. In the rant, she claimed that there would be no way that 600 Breezy and his new girlfriend would be allowed around the children. She also claimed that all she wanted, at the end of the day, was to just get the child support checks, and have him stay away from the kids. 

6. They got into another Twitter war when 600 Breezy took up for Meek Mill in the latest Nicki Minaj feud. 

When Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill got into a Twitter war, 600 Breezy weighed in on the matter. When a fan saw 600 Breezy weigh in on the Minaj/Mill battle, she asked if 600 Breezy would "claim" Queen Key's triplets. When 600 Breezy responded that he would do so after the blood test confirmed that they were, indeed, his, Queen Key went on a tirade against him that was, in a nutshell, quite profane and can't be repeated here. You can see what he wrote — and how she responded— here

It doesn't sound like this situation will be resolved any time soon — but we'll keep you updated with any developments. 

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