Kirk Douglas Leaves Behind Anne Buydens Douglas, His Wife Of 64 Years — What We Know About Her

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Who Is Kirk Douglas' Wife? Meet Anne Buydens Douglas, His Wife Of 64 Years
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Kirk Douglas has died at the age of 103. And, in his wake, he has left behind an acting career and legacy that spanned nearly eight decades. 

His contribution to pop culture, and to Hollywood's history, cannot be overestimated or overstated. 

And yet, his acting career was just a small sliver of his larger-than-life personality — and a family life that included children, grandchildren, and a loving wife of more than six decades.

The nearly 70-year (!) marriage of Kirk and Anne Douglas, who's an impressive 100 years old, is perhaps one of the longest-lasting — if not the longest-lasting — marriage in Hollywood history. 

So who is Kirk Douglas' wife, Anne Buydens Douglas — and now, widow? 

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Let's look at what we know about this extraordinary lady. 

1. Who is Kirk Douglas's wife, Anne Buydens Douglas? She was a Hollywood producer. 

Before she married Kirk Douglas, Anne Buydens Douglas was a famous Hollywood film producer. She met Douglas on the set of Act of Love, a film which shot in Paris, and Douglas called her "the most difficult woman he'd ever met."

At the time, Douglas was engaged to actress Pier Angeli, but he broke off the engagement to be with Anne Buydens Douglas. 

2. Her real name is Hannelore Marx. 

Like many in Hollywood, Douglas adopted a stage name for a variety of reasons. But her birth name was Hannelore Marx and she was born in Hanover, Germany.

She and her family moved to Belgium when she was still a teenager, and she speaks several languages as a result of her European upbringing. 


3. She was Kirk Douglas' second wife. 

Before Kirk Douglas married Anne Buydens Douglas, he was married to actress Diana Love Dill. (She would eventually become Diana Douglas Webster.) They were married from 1943 until 1951, and that marriage produced two children — one of them being legendary actor Michael Douglas.

But even though Anne Buydens Douglas was Kirk Douglas' second wife, Kirk Douglas claimed that everyone — including Diana Douglas Webster, and their two sons — loved Anne. 

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4. Anne Buydens Douglas also had two sons with Kirk Douglas — but one died of a drug overdose. 

Anne, like his first wife, had two sons with Kirk Douglas — Peter Douglas, a film producer, and Eric Douglas, a stand-up comedian and sometime actor. In 2004, however, Eric Douglas died of a drug overdose. He was only 46 years old. 

5. She's a sharp-dressed woman. 

Fashion, of course, is a subjective thing, but Anne Buydens Douglas has the distinction of being fashionable at all ages. She has been a member of the International Best Dressed List since the 1970s, meaning she's held the honor for more than 40 years.

She was even inducted into the International 'Best Dressed' List Hall of Fame alongside other awesome women like actress Candice Bergen, Countess Mona von Bismarck, and HRH Queen Elizabeth II. Quite the impressive list!

6. She has not yet commented on Kirk Douglas' death. 

As of this writing, Anne Buydens Douglas has not yet commented on Kirk Douglas' death. However, that's understandable — after all, they were married for more than six decades, and it's safe to say that the poor woman is grieving. 

Our thoughts are with Anne, Michael Douglas, and Kirk Douglas' entire family, during this difficult time. 

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