'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Who Is The Robot?

The Robot is a tough costume to crack.

Who Is The Robot On 'The Masked Singer? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead! Instagram

The Masked Singer spoilers ahead! Now that The Masked Singer is finally back for Season 3, we have a brand new round of costumes to guess and this time, it's a pretty big challenge.

Most of the costumes have been revealed ahead of the show's Super Bowl Sunday premiere, including a few very unusual ones, like the Robot.

So who is the Robot on The Masked Singer? Of course, we'll know more when the show's in gear, but here are all the details out there so far. 


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1. The Robot is a tough one to guess, based on the costume alone.



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Jan 26, 2020 at 10:00am PST

This costume could conceal anyone — it's big and boxy, without too many details included that could give fans hints about the celebrity who might be inside. It also seems like the Robot is really going to have to work the stage, because it looks like a pretty difficult costume to perform in. Regardless, it's easy to see that this is one of the most interesting costumes the show has had so far, even if it isn't helping us figure out anyone's true identities.


2. The Robot has some connection to country music or western culture.

In the promo video of Nick Cannon delivering costumes to the Masked Singer contestants, he drops off the Robot's costume, and whoever it is that receives it is a man wearing a cowboy hat (and tips their hat to thank Cannon for the delivery). That, combined with their belt buckle and the fact that they clearly live on a farm, surrounded by horses, leads fans to believe that this is either a country singer, or someone with a connection to country music. 

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3. One guess is that the Robot is Lil Nas X. 

One theory that fans have brought up on the Masked Singer subreddit is that the Robot could be Lil Nas X. His hit, "Old Town Road," would tie in perfectly with that country theme, and he would certainly be unexpected. But with the way his career has been blowing up, could he be too busy for a reality show? That's one factor for sure. Or maybe it's actually Billy Ray Cyrus, who also worked on the song, instead. He would also fit the clues that have been released so far, so it's hard to decide which is more likely. 

4. The Robot has been hanging out with the Llama.



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Jan 30, 2020 at 2:00pm PST

In promo videos shared on Instagram, the Robot and the Llama have been teaming up to remind fans about the show's post-Super Bowl premiere ... and going toe-to-toe with the mascots from the Rams and the Seahawks. We've gotta wonder if this means the Robot is known for being a big football fan, or if he and whatever celebrity the Llama has to be are actually friends in real life.


5. Fans on Instagram have some opinions about this one.

Masked Singer fans have been commenting on the show's official Instagram posts about the Robot to share their guesses. Some think that because it's a robot, the costume could be hiding a DJ, like Marshmello — that would also make sense. Others are guessing that it might be Darius Rucker, which wouldn't be shocking — after all, it does seem like the Robot is a country singer, which Rucker is.

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6. But who is the Robot on The Masked Singer? At this point, it's anyone's guess. 

February 2 is the big day when we'll finally start hearing these celebs sing behind their masks, so the answer is coming soon.


Whoever the Robot is, though, could end up being a fan favorite. This costume already has plenty of people talking.

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