Who Is The Kitty On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead!

The clues we already have about who could be behind the kitty mask on 'The Masked Singer.'

Who Is The Kitty On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead! Instagram

The Masked Singer spoilers ahead! Everyone's favorite reality singing competition is back! And no, we're not talking about American Idol — clearly, The Masked Singer is way more exciting as we try to guess the celebrities hiding in each costume.

Ahead of the season premiere, Fox released several promo photos for the costumes ahead of time, and the Kitty is definitely one of the more glam ones.


So who is the Kitty on The Masked Singer? Here's everything we know so far about their hidden identity.

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1. Who is the kitty on The Masked Singer? costume is very elaborate. 



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Jan 24, 2020 at 2:07pm PST

The Kitty made their Instagram debut on The Masked Singer's official account in mid-January, and the costume itself is a true testament to how detailed these costumes really are — and we can't help but wonder if every single detail means something. There's the fact that the image includes an actual cat, too. Does this mean that the celebrity in question loves cats? That could be a clue right there — and so could all the sparkles involved. This is definitely one unforgettable costume, so we have to assume that means the celeb inside has one unforgettable personality, as well.


2. It's almost definite that the celebrity wearing the costume is a woman.

After all, this cat has boobs (not unlike the cats from the recently released Cats movie... as if our poor eyes could ever forget) and seems to be doing a very feminine pose. There's also a lot of pink in the Kitty's promo photo, like the boa and the skirt. And who could forget the crown, gloves, and of course, the sparkly garter?

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3. On Reddit, fans are convinced the Kitty's eyes are a major clue.

The Kitty has one blue eye and one green eye, which is a condition known as heterochromia, and fans on the Masked Singer subreddit are convinced this could mean that the celebrity in question has that condition as well. So far, their guesses include stars like Kate Bosworth, Jane Seymour, and Mila Kunis — and finding out any of these ladies were performing on stage would be quite a surprise (but definitely a welcome one). 

4. Fans on Instagram have many, many different opinions about the Kitty.

On the show's post about the Kitty, fans are throwing out all kinds of guesses in the comments, and they're not holding back. Some are guessing that it could be anyone from Cardi B. to Hailee Steinfeld to RuPaul. Some are even throwing Taylor Swift out there as a guest, since she loves cats and recently starred in the Cats movie ... but given her busy schedule and A-list status, it would be quite a shock if she really was the one behind this mask. 


5. Elizabeth Berkley is a pretty popular guess, too.

Some fans and outlets are thinking that Saved By The Bell star Elizabeth Berkley could be the one behind the Kitty mask, and this reasoning actually makes a lot of sense. Not only did Berkley star in Showgirls, wearing a costume similar to the one the Kitty is wearing, but she also has heterochromia. So far, this is guess that seems to be the most spot on. Hmm... 

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6. The Kitty has an impressive singing voice.

It sounded like the judges were pretty blown away by the Kitty when she belted it out on stage this week. She performed Ariana Grande's "Dangerous Woman," and while the judges guessed she could be Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton, judging by her voice, those guesses might end up being a stretch. Fans on Twitter are guessing that she's Kunis again after her performance, based on the heterochromia clue and her voice, but it's still too early to tell for sure. 

7. But who is the Kitty on The Masked Singer for real? We're about to find out for sure.

There haven't been any concrete clues or details out there about the Kitty just yet, aside from her costume ... so it seems like we'll have to wait to see her perform this season to make any real guesses.


The good news? The show is back February 2, and we're more than ready to find out who's behind this mask.

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