Who Is The Swan On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead!

Let's take a few guesses about who might be inside this costume.

Who Is The Swan On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead! Instagram

The Masked Singer spoilers! Since it premiered for the first time in 2019, The Masked Singer has been taking TV by storm. Who doesn't love a reality competition show paired with a guessing game?

And now that the show's third season is finally upon us, it's time to start cracking clues to figure out which celebrities are hiding in each costume as they sing their hearts out on stage.

Who is the Swan on The Masked Singer? Here's everything we know about this costume — and the celeb who could be wearing it.


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1. Who is the Swan on The Masked Singer? The Swan's costume was recently revealed. 



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Jan 23, 2020 at 12:00pm PST

At first, just a small part of the Swan's costume was shared on the official Masked Singer Instagram account, where they shared their tagline: "I just swan-na party."


With the Swan's glittery beak and feathers, they certainly look ready to party. Does this mean that whoever's wearing this is really going to bring the fun to the stage? Seems like it — this costume is pretty fabulous, after all. 

2. It would make sense if the Swan is a woman.

Whoever's wearing the costume doesn't seem very tall, and seems to have a feminine build. Could it be that whoever's inside that costume is a woman?

With the tagline, it would make sense if the Swan might be Cyndi Lauper, because after all, girls do swan-na have fun. And without much else to go on, it seems that might be a solid guess.

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3. Fans on Reddit think the Swan could be Jessica Simpson.

On the Masked Singer subreddit, one fan presented the theory that the Swan could be Jessica Simpson, and the reasoning actually makes a lot of sense. 

"It looks like Jessica Simpson's short little legs. She's been talking about a drinking and drug problem she recently overcame, so I can see her choosing a swan costume," said the comment. "And now that's she's had her children and got her self sober, I could see her doing this to get back into the business." 

We could see that — Jess hasn't been too into music lately, so this could be a sign of a comeback.

4. Another popular guess is Bjork. 

As fans who regularly watch the series know, host Ken Jeong frequently guesses that the celebrities performing in the costumes are Bjork, and this time, he might actually be able to make that guess and be correct!


A swan costume wouldn't be a stretch for the singer, who's known for her infamous swan dress that she wore to the Oscars in 2001. It immediately became an iconic awards show moment, and it wouldn't be surprising if her Masked Singer costume would reflect that.

5. Fans on Instagram are taking a few stabs at the Swan's identity as well. 



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Jan 23, 2020 at 1:00pm PST

Although some are guessing stars like Kelly Rowland, most of the commenters on the above post are pointing out that the identity of the Swan could very well be Natalie Portman, since she starred in the movie The Black Swan.


This is another guess that would make a lot of sense... but does she seem like the kind of celebrity who would participate in a singing competition like this one? Hmm... we'd be surprised to see her on that stage.

6. It's hard to nail this one down.

After the Swan's performance of Peggy Lee's "Fever," fans are continuing to guess... but the judges don't seem too committed to her identity, and neither do fans. The guesses are all over the place, from Bella Thorne to Kristen Stewart. Guess we'll just have to wait and see! 

7. So far, no big clues have been revealed.

It's really hard to narrow this one down, but given that more performances are on the way, hopefully, it'll start becoming more and more clear who the Swan really is soon. Fingers crossed! 


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