Who Is The White Tiger On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead!

What celebritiy is hiding behind the white tiger costume?

Who Is The White Tiger On 'The Masked Singer'? Masked Singer Spoilers Ahead! Fox

Another season of The Masked Singer is here, and that means that all the fun of trying to figure out what celebrity is hiding in each costume, showing off their talent, is happening all over again. 

On February 2, The Masked Singer is back for Season 3, and the conversation around this season's costumes has already begun. Who's wearing what? At this point, it's anyone's guess — but there are a few spoilers out there already to help us crack this mystery.


First things first: Who is the White Tiger on The Masked Singer? This early on, it's hard to say for sure, but here's everything we know about this costume (and the identity of the celeb wearing it). 

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1. The celebrity in the White Tiger costume could be described as a "warrior."

The Masked Singer costume designer Marina Toybina shared her process for designing this costume to fit the White Tiger's personality, and it sounds like this celeb is someone who doesn't back down from a fight — and whoever it is, they made her want to go for something a bit Egyptian, which is definitely easy to see in the White Tiger's costume.

“This season the one thing that’s been missing was creating some sort of warrior character,” she said. “With the White Tiger, I want to do something that was a little bit inspired by an Egyptian influence. And when we found out who was cast for it, it was just a perfect fit.”

2. The costume designer tried to create a large stage presence to match the White Tiger's personality.

Whoever's wearing this costume is definitely someone with a big personality ... and someone who really makes an impact when they enter a room. 

“I embraced and embodied who I was working with and how can I make this such a big stage presence and also create this really inspiring character that just takes over the entire atmosphere of the stage?” Toybina said. “We ended up with this incredible White Tiger Egyptian god of all gods.”


God of all gods? Takes up the entire atmosphere of the stage? We have a feeling once we figure out who this is, this will all make a lot more sense, but for now, it sounds like the sky's the limit.

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3. The White Tiger is definitely a man — and one who's very outgoing.

In her interview, Toybina described White Tiger as a "he," so at least that narrows things down a bit. And apparently, he loves to perform.

“He’s just fun, outgoing, incredible, and loves his costume,” she said. “It is somebody that enjoys his performance and is definitely larger than life on stage.”

4. So who is the White Tiger on The Masked Singer? Fans on Instagram are starting to take guesses.



A post shared by The Masked Singer (@maskedsingerfox) on Jan 17, 2020 at 1:00pm PST

When this post appeared on The Masked Singer's official Instagram, not only did a lot of fans share that this is their favorite costume for Season 3, but many of them took their first stabs at guessing who might be in the costume ... and the guesses are all over the map.


Commenters seem to think this could be anyone from Idris Elba (please!) to Skylar Astin to even Jack Black, since one commenter pointed out that the White Tiger's pose is similar to the way his Nacho Libre character stands.

5. Some think he could be Dan Akroyd.

In the promo for The Masked Singer, the clue the White Tiger gave was, "I ain't no scaredy cat," which has some people convinced that means he's Dan Akroyd — mostly because that phrase is so similar to the tagline from Ghostbusters (which he starred in): "I ain't afraid of no ghost." Definitely a solid guess there! 

6. Others think it could be a Backstreet Boy. 

On Reddit, some fans think that the White Tiger must be a Backstreet Boy — more specifically, Brian Littrell — because of the phrases Toybina used in her interview, like "larger than life," which references one of the band's biggest hits. 


7. Is Rob Gronkowski the White Tiger? 

On Sunday's premiere, the White Tiger performed "Ice Ice Baby," and after hearing his voice and his rap, fans are convinced that this is actually former NFL player Rob Gronkowski — and given the number of people convinced this is Gronk, it seems like a huge part of the Masked Singer audience is going to be totally blown away if it ends up being anyone else.  

Only time will tell the White Tiger's identity for sure, but we're definitely interested to see how all of this pans out. 

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