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5 Warning Signs That Indicate It's Time To Give Up Partying (Plus, 5 Grown-Up Ways To Have Fun Without Getting 'Lit')

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One day you're going to wake up and realize that the party life isn't for you anymore. Now, you don't need to totally say goodbye to the party life for good, but it's probably time to limit your social life to occasional partying and drinking.

Maybe even cut out extreme binge drinking altogether and just get into having fun at home. If drinking and partying is affecting your mental or physical health, it's time to make a change.

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Take a look below to the 5 warning signs your body is trying to show to you that indicate your party days are over, and it's time to find something new to do that's not as hard on your body (and your mind):

1. Your hangovers are getting super intense.

Maybe you've hit a point where every night of partying ends with your face over the toilet bowl. Maybe you're lucky and not a puker, but get either nauseous the next day or have a pounding headache.

I'm not assuming we all slam back shots at parties, but let's be real — most of the time we do. How often do you see a party going on and there is that one sober person? It's easy to say you just won't drink like that at the next party and you'll be that sober person volunteering to be DD for the night, but it can be really hard to have that sort of self-control, especially around your friends. Sometimes it's just better to make a change altogether to your lifestyle.

You don't necessarily have to completely quit drinking, but maybe just start hanging out with groups where you can have a single drink — but you're able to avoid the youngin's trying to make you take shots.

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2. You're constantly exhausted.

I don't know about you, but I work during the week (early in the A.M, like most do). The weekend is supposed to be your time to catch up on sleep and hang out with friends, but if you're partying several days out of the week and you only leave yourself a day to sleep before you have to get up and do it all over again, you're bound to hit a wall at some point. If you find yourself constantly getting tired and are not able to run on three hours of sleep anymore, it's likely negatively affecting your health (and your life), and you need to cut it down so you can get the sleep your body needs.

3. You don't know how to spend time with yourself anymore.

It's hard enough to have your alone time if you're working five days a week, so just imagine trying to have you-time on a Saturday when you're also spending that time focusing on getting dressed up for the club (and likely pre-gaming). It just doesn't make sense and you're not making the time you need for yourself each week.

You need a day to take a bath, watch your shows, and only focus on yourself — you can't let partying become a part of your schedule. It's a bonus, not a priority.

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4. You're starting to forget who your real friends are.

Is your closest friend right now that girl you met in college, who only invites you to the club with all her other friends? Has she even tried to just go out to lunch with you or go shopping?

What you're dealing with is a party friend! Close friends are there for you and want to genuinely spend time with you (even when you're not drinking). Not sending you a text just come to the club — they want to have a sleepover and drink wine.

I'm not saying you shouldn't go out to the club with a new friend, but your friendships shouldn't be all about the party life, all the time. Your friendships should have more depth than that. So if you're only hanging out with the party friends, maybe you need to revaluate your friend circle.

5. You're constantly broke.

This is probably the biggest reason you need to quit the party life. I'm sure most of us have some sort of income and if half of it is being spent buying over-priced drinks at the bar, or on Ubers back and froth (because it's better than drinking and driving, of course), your financial priorities are all out of whack.

This should be the reason you start limiting your partying to either 1 weekend a month — or maybe even every couple of months. You do not need to blow your check every week on booze. Trust me, it's never worth it. All it does is leave you mad at yourself for blowing your food money for the week (and then some).

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So you've decided to take a break from the party lifestyle, but curious what the heck you're supposed to do with all your free time? Here are some grown-up ideas for how to have fun without binging on drinks all night:

1. Have a night in with wine and a good movie.

This can work with beer also, if you're a more low-key kind of gal. Sometimes we overindulge by taking shots or having two many expensive martinis. Try staying in!

Better yet, drink something not as heavy so you don't have to deal with a hangover headache the next day. Good quality wine shouldn't get you sick if you know what works for you. You could even buy a smaller bottle of wine so that when you finish it (like we do), it won't be as if you drank too much. It's a great way to relax and still cut loose.

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2. Meet a small group out somewhere low-key.

Sometimes the party is lasting too long because there are too many people. If you're throwing a small party or get-together, don't invite everyone and their cousin. Sometimes it's even easier to take the event out of your home and to somewhere else, like a karaoke bar. Social trick: if you have everyone meet up at an activity, it's easier to leave earlier when you're starting to feel tired.

Just invite some close friends and have a good time. Maybe even let them know that the party cut off time is a certain time. You can start it earlier, too, so that you spend a few hours without cutting too far in to the night (so you can still get that precious sleep!)

I don't mean to sound like a grandma, but you don't need people partying all night in your house till 3AM every single weekend. It's okay to have a cutoff time.

3. Go on a date.

Are you in a relationship? Why don't you guys spend a Saturday alone. Stop calling Ted or Joe asking about who's throwing something tonight. Get some drinks, or no drinks, just veg out in front of the T.V..

Who cares if it doesn't sound cool? A date is a great way to get some quality time in without going nuts. You don't have to only watch a movie, try playing a board game together. Heck, get drunk together. If you are not in a party environment you're not going to drink as much anyway, and you'll likely have more fun getting drunk with just the two of you.

You could even do an activity together, go do a paint and wine bar, or movie hop. You don't always have to go to the bar or some house party every weekend.

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4. Take a day to spend some me-time with yourself.

You don't always need to turn up to have a good time. Go on Groupon and get a good deal to go to a Spa. Warm-up a bath for yourself and pick out a good show on Netflix to binge-watch.

I don't know why some people think staying in isn't supposed to be fun, or you need to go out more. It is true like you shouldn't be indoors all the time, but you don't have to push yourself to go out when there's nothing to do. So stay home you need a little time to just relax. I've had some of the best days pampering myself and watching some of my favorite movies.

5. Go sight-seeing somewhere new.

Depending on where you live, try some museums or activities you've never done in your area. I remember one time I and a group of friends went to an escape room —where you have to try to get out of this room with a series of clues, which ended up being a blast. I personally live close to the city, so I have the opportunity to jump on a train and go check out all the trendy places like the "Museum of Sex" or the "Museum of illusions". There are all types of places you could check out that cost little-to-no money.

Maybe even try out new food places, I've been wanting to try out "Tipsy scoop" in the city and probably towards the summer I will. So pitch a new idea for you and your friends to do, plus think of the group photos.

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