Meet Lexi Brumback — Navarro Cheerleader From Netflix Docuseries 'Cheer'

Lexi Brumback is back at Navarro!

Meet Lexi Brumback — Navarro Cheerleader From Netflix Docuseries 'Cheer' getty

Now that Cheer has totally taken Netflix by storm, some fans of the docuseries might be wondering where their favorite Navarro College cheerleaders are now. On the show, it seemed like Brumback had actually been kicked off of the Navarro team for a seemingly drug-related incident, but now, she's back.

So who is Lexi Brumback? Here's everything we know while we wait to find out if Cheer is coming back for another season. 


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1. It seemed like Brumback would no longer be on the Navarro team. 

On Cheer, fans thought that Brumback was off the Navarro team for good after she had allegedly taken the blame for her friends, who had gotten caught by police with something illegal, which fans have speculated could be drug-related. At the time, coach Monica Aldama kicked Brumback off the team, which was definitely a bummer, considering the fact that Brumback was easily a fan favorite among the cheerleaders featured on the show. 


2. This week, she shared that she was back on the team.



A post shared by Lexi Brumback (@lexisbrumback) on Jan 14, 2020 at 8:47pm PST

Brumback announced on Instagram this week that she's back at Navarro, along with a photo of her posing in her uniform with other cheerleaders from the team. In the comments, she confirmed the good news when a fan asked her if she was back on the team and she responded, "yes!"

"Honey, I'm home," she captioned the photo, adding a honey and a kiss emoji. 


3. But who is Lexi Brumback? Cheerleading seems to be her passion. 

According to Brumback's Instagram, most of her life does seem to revolve around cheer — much like it does for her teammates. On her feed, she posts photos with the team, as well as videos of herself tumbling.

But cheer isn't the only thing that's important to Brumback. Among her posts are many photos with her friends, as well as pics from her trips to festivals and other outings.

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4. She's definitely different from her fellow Navarro cheerleaders.



A post shared by Lexi Brumback (@lexisbrumback) on May 5, 2019 at 6:03pm PDT

Comparing Brumback to the other Navarro cheerleaders is pointless — she does things her own way.


Last year, Brumback traded in her blonde locks for pink, and she has a less traditional, more alternative look than the rest of them. That seems to be where she's happiest, though, and it would certainly seem like her 178,000 Instagram followers agree.

5. She's in a relationship.

If anyone watching the show was hoping that Brumback is single, sorry. It looks like she's in a very happy relationship and has been for awhile now. Brumback has posted plenty of photos with someone named Dominic Green that definitely give off a couple-y vibe, and it looks like they've been together for at least seven months.

6. She was one of the more compelling members of the team, according to Cheer's director. 

In an interview, Cheer director Greg Whiteley shared that it was easy to pick which members of the team to follow, including in Lexi's case.


"If there was a different filmmaker, they would maybe choose a different five. But my eyes would frequently go to LaDarius. Or Morgan. Or Jerry. Or Lexi," Whiteley said. "Not only are they people that are fun to watch when they’re competing on the mat, but they also have great backstories. It’s very instinctual: I just like these people, I don’t know why, but I keep going back to them. I have to trust that there’s a reason why I want to spend more time with them." 

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