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20 Best Toothpastes For Sensitive Teeth

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20 Best Toothpastes For Sensitive Teeth

Many people suffer from sensitive teeth, feeling a twinge when drinking something cold or hot, or from eating sweet or sour foods.

Sensitive teeth can be caused by a few factors. "It could be due to damage to the tooth structure, like the enamel, due to either an overly abrasive toothpaste or due to an acidic diet, like one with a lot of lemons," says cosmetic dentist Lawrence Fung, DDS.

Typically, however, tooth sensitivity is caused when you have exposure to the root. You get this when you brush your teeth too hard; it causes the gums to recede and the root to become exposed.

Adds Dr. William Graves, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, "You can prevent this by always using a soft toothbrush. Fluoride treatments at your dentist can help, or have your dentist make you a fluoride tray — similar to a bleaching tray, but instead of bleach they provide fluoride. You place this in the tray and wear it overnight until the sensitivity resolves itself."

"Aside from using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth, particularly one with Potassium Nitrate, you can also switch to a soft toothbrush," says Fung, who adds that it's also a good idea to change your diet to one that is less acidic.

Another thing to avoid? Toothpastes that claim to whiten, rather than toothpastes for sensitive teeth. “They actually don’t whiten because they don’t have enough peroxide to oxidize stains inside the tooth,” warns Dr. Jennifer Jablow. “They are, in fact, heavily loaded with harsh abrasives that scratch the tooth surface to remove surface stains only.”

With all this in mind, choosing the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth shouldn't be a hassle. And that's where these products come in.

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1. Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Enamel Toothpaste

“Sensodyne is a wonderful toothpaste for those patients with sensitivity and a longtime favorite of the dental community for this purpose,” says Dr. Heather Kunen, DDS, MS, co-founder of Beam Street. “Sensodyne contains potassium nitrate, which helps to calm the nerves inside our teeth and prevent them from firing pain signals in response to cold or hot temperatures. It also contain stannous fluoride which is an extremely effective cavity preventer.”

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

2. Hello Oral Care Sensitivity Relief Fluoride Toothpaste

This anti-sensivity toothpaste contains the highest level of the active ingredient potassium nitrate allowed by the FDA, while gently whitening your teeth. It also has fluoride and is thoughtfully formulated to calm with aloe vera, moisturize with coconut oil, and leave breath fresh with a soothing mint. It's also vegan, cruelty-free, and free of dyes, sulfates, artificial sweetener, synthetic flavors, parabens, microbeads, triclosan, and gluten.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Enamel Repair Toothpaste

This Pro-Argin formula remineralizes enamel, strengthens teeth against acid in food and drink, and instantly plugs channels to sensitive nerves. And if used regularly, it can reduce sensitivity.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

4. Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste

Squigle Tooth Builder Toothpaste stops tooth sensitivity, canker sores, mouth ulcers, and prevents bad breath, gum disease, chapped lips, and perioral dermatitis. It's also free of harsh abrasives, irritating bleaches, irritating detergents, irritating flavors, and irritating tartar control agents.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

5. Tom's of Maine Fluoride-Free Rapid Relief Sensitive Toothpaste

This natural toothpaste uses a combination of arginine and calcium carbonate to seal the pathways to sensitive tooth nerves. Tom's of Maine uses naturally sourced, naturally derived ingredients to heal sensitive teeth and provide long-lasting protection.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

6. Crest Pro-Health Sensitive & Enamel Shield Toothpaste

Crest Pro-Health Sensitive & Enamel Shield Toothpaste helps relieve and build protection against painful tooth sensitivity, while strengthening enamel and protecting against enamel loss. It's made with patented stannous fluoride technology, which is clinically proven to protect against plaque and gingivitis, and tooth sensitivity.

(Walmart, $4.97)

7. Arm & Hammer Sensitive Teeth and Gums Toothpaste

Arm & Hammer Sensitive Toothpaste has a low abrasion formula that provides gentle cleaning and whitening with effective sensitivity relief. The fluoride cavity protection and enamel strengthening formula removes plaque, and the baking soda neutralizes acids that weaken and erode enamel.

(Walmart, $3.12)

8. PerioSciences AO Pro Sensitive Toothpaste 

Its powerful blend of natural extracts, antioxidants and essential oils freshens your breath, fights bacteria, and promotes the production of saliva while also minimizing pain and tenderness. Your gums are soothed and rejuvenated and, over time, your teeth become more resistant to hot and cold temperatures.

(Dermstore, $19.50)

9. Dr. Sheffield’s Certified Natural Toothpaste

Dr. Sheffield's Certified Natural Toothpaste offers toxin-free daily brushing, with no fluoride, no synthetics, no GMOs or artificial flavors, colors, no sweeteners or preservatives. It truly cleans, freshens and soothes the mouth just like it did over 160 years ago!

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. Kiss My Face Fluoride-Free Sensitive Toothpaste

Formulated with tea tree oil, aloe vera, olive leaf extract, and peppermint, these potent ingredients are great for clean, healthy teeth. This toothpaste is cruelty-free, vegan, and comes in a cool mint gel flavor.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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11. Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Sensitivity Care Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Sensitivity Care soothes sensitivity pain, nourishes teeth to strengthen enamel, and beautifully whitens by removing surface stains. It's formulated with an Active Mineral Complex, and helps to remineralize your enamel. 

(Walgreens, $7.99)

12. Burt's Bees Mountain Mint Enamel Care Fluoride Toothpaste

Burt's Bees Enamel Care is specifically designed to leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. It's crafted to strengthen your teeth, leaving you with a smile that's beautiful and strong. It's made without SLS, parabens, artificial flavors, preservatives, or dyes.

(Target, $3.49)

13. Elmex Sensitive Toothpaste

This toothpaste gently cleanses the teeth without causing abrasion of the enamel and dentine. In addition, the special formula of the paste gently and effectively removes discoloration, helping to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Dr. Hauschka Sensitive Saltwater Toothpaste

This toothpaste removes plaque and helps to prevent tartar and decay. The cleansing properties of natural essential oils protect the mouth area, witch hazel water fortifies the mucous membranes of the mouth, and it contains no peppermint or menthol and is thus recommended by homeopaths.

(Dr. Hauschka, $11)

15. LG Shiringo Bamboo Salt Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth 

Bamboo salt toothpaste is an herbal toothpaste known to prevent gum disease. Using bamboo salt derived from the bamboo of Jiri Mountain, and the bay salt from the West Coast, this toothpaste fills the damaged parts of the teeth and alleviates the symptoms of sensitivity.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

16. Supersmile Professional Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Designed to whiten teeth, remineralize enamel, and support healthy gums, this toothpaste safely removes surface stains and inhibits plaque buildup 10x better than leading toothpastes without sensitivity. No harsh abrasives means a healthier enamel, and the inclusion of fluoride, calcium, and phosphates help build additional strength while protecting against cavities.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

17. Dr. Bronner’s All-One Toothpaste

Hydrated silica and calcium carbonate act as natural, gentle abrasives, and baking soda and potassium cocoate (made with organic coconut oil) are superb natural cleansers, while organic essential oils provide a refreshing flavor. The low-foaming formula means this toothpaste helps whiten teeth, reduce plaque and freshen breath.​

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

18. VMV Hypoallergenics Essence Simple-Gentle Skin-Saving Toothpaste

This 100 percent hypoallergenic formula is free of fragrances, dyes and flavors that may cause rashes, canker sores and acne on those with extra-sensitive skin. Formulated with xylitol and calcium lactate, it effectively inhibits tarter production and safely fights cavities.

(Dermstore, $18)

19. Dr. Collins Biomin Toothpaste

Biomin C is a non-irritating, patented ingredient combination of calcium, phosphate, silica, and chloride. This gives you a naturally clean, healthy-mouth sensation during brushing, and was developed to help reduce those suffering from tooth sensitivity, and protect the enamel from erosion and early decay.

(Walgreens, $7.99)

20. Lumineux Oral Essentials Toothpaste for Sensitivity Relief

This toothpaste restores microbiome health and is refreshing and lightly sweet. It's also a mineral rich toothpaste that is certified non-toxic and dentist formulated to reduce the feeling of tooth sensitivity.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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