NeNe Leaks Reportedly Buys Son Bryson Bryant New Home; Why His Baby Mama Symone Davis Freaked Out

Symone Davis and NeNe Leakes have been feuding forever.

Who Is Symone Davis? New Details On Woman Calling NeNe Leakes Out For Reportedly Buying Son Bryson Bryant A Home Instagram

Things are getting awkward for a certain reality star and the mother of her son’s child — but then again, in the Real Housewives universe, this kind of thing happens every day.

After Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes gifted her son Bryson Bryant a new home for his 30th birthday, Symone Davis — the woman who gave birth to a baby who is reportedly Bryant's son, two years ago — isn’t having it. 


So now that she’s in the news, who is Symone Davis? There’s still plenty of debate about her place in Bryant’s life, but here are all the details. 

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1. Who is Symone Davis? She's an aspiring actress and YouTuber.



A post shared by Symone Davis (@lyfeof_mo) on Dec 30, 2019 at 3:14pm PST

According to Davis’ Instagram account, she is a “dental grad” who now hopes to be an actress. She also links out to her YouTube page, where she posts videos including rants about the drama in her life as well as beauty and hair tips.


Her Instagram posts make it seem like her top priorities in her life are her family, especially her children, and she’s not afraid to share her true opinions with the world, like when she shares her Q&A sessions on the site with her fans — no holding back.

2. She has a son, Blaze, who she claims is Bryant’s. 

Blaze is two years old, and, as Davis tells it, NeNe Leakes' son, Bryant — who she refers to as Brice — is his father. So far, though, it seems that the paternity of the child has never been proven one way or another, and Bryant doesn’t post about Blaze on his own Instagram account.

Still, it seems that Davis is convinced that Bryant is the father. 

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3. Leakes bought a house for Bryant, which set Davis off. 

After Leakes gifted Bryant a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house for his birthday, Davis took to her Instagram Story (which has since disappeared) to rant about how Bryant is unable to do anything for himself because of the help he receives from his mother — and she claimed that Leakes only bought the house for the good of her image.

“Why would a woman buy a grown a** man a house?” Bryant said in her rant. 

4. Davis and Leakes have had plenty of drama in the past.



A post shared by Symone Davis (@lyfeof_mo) on Nov 1, 2019 at 1:20pm PDT

Back in November, Davis shared what she claims is an email from Leakes, saying that she doesn’t care about her child, and in response, Davis wrote that Leakes “failed as a mother” because of the way Bryant turned out. 


“You brought MY name up to someone & they told me what you said. So I checked yo ass. Now you're mad,” Davis wrote in her caption. “Well now I know you're bothered. If I was nothing or nobody, why bring my name up to ANYONE! AT ALL! You've woke the beast.” 

5. Davis reportedly hopes to join the cast of RHOA

A source close to the situation has said that Davis constantly brings up Leakes and keeps the drama going because her ultimate goal is to be on RHOA herself. “She wants to be on the show,” the insider said. “She has tried to contact Bravo over and over.”

Although the source didn’t seem to think Davis had a chance of being on the show herself, they did say that Davis is “telling the truth” about Leakes in her rants.

6. Bryant and Davis are no longer together.  

It seems they may have never been a couple in the first place — in fact, Bryant has admitted to having sex with Davis, but denies that he's Blaze’s father, and it doesn’t seem like this is something that happened inside a relationship.


Despite what Bryant may have said, though (and their lack of a relationship status at this point), Davis still maintains that Bryant is regularly spending time with her, and in October, she accused him of doing drugs and being a deadbeat dad in a since-deleted Instagram post that featured a photo of Bryant on her couch.

“The mf ain’t bought a sock, diaper, pull up, bottle, happy meal, nothing for Blaze,” she wrote. “Yet is always asking me for money or to order him a pizza bc he’s hungry. He won’t get a penny from me…LINNETHIA JOHNSON-LEAKES, please get yo over grown son.” 

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