Meet Julia Fox, The Breakout Star Of 'Uncut Gems' — Plus The X-Rated Career She Had Before Acting

We're going to be seeing a lot more of this actress in the future.

Who Is Julia Fox? New Details On Breakout Star Of 'Uncut Gems' — Plus The X-Rated Career She Had Before Acting Getty Images

An actress who’s pretty new on the scene is catching people’s attention and, as it turns out, she has a pretty interesting past (and present). 

After Adam Sandler’s movie Uncut Gems hit theaters this week, people are talking about breakout star Julia Fox — especially after one of her recent interviews revealed something pretty surprising about what she did before she started working in the entertainment industry.


So who’s Julia Fox? Here’s everything fans need to know.  

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1. Who's Julia Fox? She's pretty new to the acting scene.

In fact, before working on Uncut Gems, Fox’s only credit to her name was playing the bride in a short called The Great American Mud Wrestle. Next up, she’s playing a character named Scarlet in PVT Chat, an upcoming movie that also stars Buddy Duress and Peter Vack. 


2. She also models and shares her life on Instagram.



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Not only has 29-year-old Fox been sharing her press adventures while promoting Uncut Gems, but she also frequently shares her modeling shots and peeks into her personal life.

When she's not acting, it seems that Fox loves to travel (and share photos of what she sees along the way), but although she's already amassed over 15,000 followers, her account only goes back to May 2018. Maybe she decided to start fresh?


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3. Before acting, Fox was a photographer and fashion designer. 

As she said in a recent interview, Fox once had a fashion line consisting of monochromatic and body con pieces that was called Franzisca Fox with her best friend, Briana, which lasted from 2012-2015, until they both felt ready to move on from the venture. Since then, she’s been taking on more artsy projects.

“I made a pretty smooth transition into the art world,” she said. “I did photography. I made two art books. I also wrote poetry. Published some articles. A lot of my work was very self indulgent, though.” 


 (@juliafox) on Dec 24, 2019 at 1:29pm PST

4. In Uncut Gems, Fox plays a character named Julia. 

The crime thriller is about a man named Howard (Sandler) who has to sell a precious gem in order to get out from under the loan sharks he’s indebted to. In the movie, Fox plays Julia, one of his employees who he's also cheating on his wife with. 


"[The character of Julia] always remains in control — she’s not a victim. You can look at it like, ‘Look at all these men sexualizing her,’ but the joke’s on them. She’s going to get what she wants at the end of the day," Fox said in an interview about her role. 

5. She loved working with Sandler.

In an interview shortly before the movie was released, Fox said that Sandler “really wanted me to shine” in the movie while they were working together, and it seems like Fox took the opportunity to glean a lot of knowledge from the seasoned actor and comedian.

“He was so easy to work with and such an amazing teacher,” Fox said earlier this month. “I would kind of look to him to guide me through a scene; he was kind of like a safety net.”


6. Fox worked as a dominatrix in high school. 

In another interview, Fox revealed that in high school, she worked in the sex industry, “doing S&M stuff.” Although she didn’t go into too much detail, it sounds like it was certainly a memorable experience for her. “I heard about another girl who was doing it and that there was no sex or nudity,” she explained. “It was role-playing.”

Fox definitely sounds like an interesting person, and now that she’s broken through with Uncut Gems, it seems like we may be seeing a lot more from her in the future. 

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