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RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Spotted Getting Cozy With Ex Anthony Delorenzo Amid Divorce From Husband Joe Giudice

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Who Is Anthony DeLorenzo? New Details On RHONJ Teresa Giudice's Ex Who She's Rumored To Be Back With

Teresa and Joe Giudice have been apart physically since Joe was deported to his native Italy in October 2019. The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple made their separation official just last week, announcing they're getting divorced.

Divorce proceedings have not started yet, but Giudice was just spotted out with another local man looking cozy. Who is Anthony Delorenzo?

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Dressed all in black, Giudice and Delorenzo looked coupled up as he had his arm wrapped around her shoulders as they walked into a restaurant together at breakfast time. If he looks familiar to you, there's a good reason. Giudice hired Delorenzo to work on her family's pool on this season of Real Housewives of New Jersey

Teresa was married to Joe for 20 years. The couple has four daughters: Gia, 18, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14, and Audriana, 10. But who is this new guy in her life?

1. Who is Anthony Delorenzo? They've known each other for a long time.

Giudice and Delorenzo have known each other for 41 years. Giudice calls him "Tony the pool guy." In all seriousness, though, he's a pool contractor for Woodside Pools in New Jersey.

He appeared on the November 20th episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. In the episode, he's installing a pool in Giudice's backyard and things got flirty between her and Delorenzo. 

“So, when’s [the pool] gonna be done? I just want it done for the summer for my girls,” Teresa asked Tony. “If I get things done for customers that I didn’t grow up with my whole life, you know I’m gonna get it done for you,” Tony told Teresa. Flirty!

2. They went on a breakfast date.

Giudice and Delorenzo were spotted heading into a restaurant on Saturday, December 21st. Both were dressed all in black. The next day, Delorenzo posted a selfie of himself in a car on his Instagram account and captioned it "Incognito." Real Housewives fans assumed he was referring to his not-so-secret date with the reality mother of four.


A post shared by Anthony Delorenzo (@anthony.delorenzo) on Dec 22, 2019 at 3:23pm PST

3. They dated when they were teenagers.

The banter between Giudice and Delorenzo on the November 20th episode was very flirty and also revealed that they've known each other since high school. Teresa said, “Wait, how long do I know you? We used to play football together and then you would always tackle me.”

Delorenzo said, “It was love." Giudice replied, “I know.” Giudice said she should have taken him to prom. Giudice's brother, Joe Gorga — Melissa Gorga's husband — teased her saying, “You want him, huh?” 

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4. This wasn't the first time they hung out.

On December 15th, Giudice shared a now-expired video to her Instagram stories of Delorenzo and her brother sitting at a kitchen counter together. In the video she said, "Hi guys, what's up? Happy Sunday fun day!" Delorenzo saved the video to his Instagram

5. He has two sons.

On Delorenzo's Instagram account, he shares photos of his family, including his two sons, which he calls his greatest gifts. He shares a lot of photos of his sons playing various sports, including football. 

He also shared a photo of his cousin Sarah and captioned it, "She's available fellows, my little cousin."

6. Giudice and Delorenzo are just friends — for now.

Giudice's attorney James Leonard denied that anything romantic was going on between his client and the pool contractor. He said that, “people should spend time with their families and enjoy the Christmas holiday, not worry about Teresa Giudice eating breakfast with a longtime friend.”

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