You Aren't Hard To Love — You Just Haven't Found Someone To Love You The Right Way

Don't let anyone make you believe that you're unlovable, not even yourself.

Will I Ever Find Love? Relationship Advice For Those Who Believe They're Hard To Love And Have Suffered Heartbreak Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

By Mica Menez

We all have our own little way of breaking our hearts. Sometimes, it comes up in a form of loving without having even just a simple glimpse of the chance of reciprocation and not even having slim hope to start a wildfire.

Sometimes, you break your heart by choosing to stay, despite knowing you are no longer needed and that you don’t have the right to remain in a certain place that they didn’t ask you to stay in the first place.


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You learned how to be too much to others while you were lowly neglecting the idea that you were becoming too little for yourself and you knew this thing hurts. It’ll leave stains in your skin that tears couldn’t wash off.


Upon this accumulation, you started questioning yourself where you went wrong, what you didn’t have that others did, what were your lapses, and why it was so hard for them to love you the same way you loved them.

You started to have a lot of questions where answers were too far-flung from your reach. And you keep breaking yourself because you thought you were breakable. 

You hurt yourself the same way they did to you. And that’s when you realized that you desire an approval on how you should be loved. That became your fatal mistake.

You etched to yourself that you are hard to love and accepted why others justify their capability to hurt you. You gave them access to your vulnerability and allowed them to come inside your life and take whatever it is that they could clasp.


You are not hard to love. It just happens that you hadn’t met someone who will show you how easy it is to understand your silence.

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You still hadn’t met that someone who will replace your storms with bliss and surreal adventures.

You hadn’t met someone who will take each of your thorns, so he could embrace your imperfections and will prove to you that you are better and worthy of love.

You hadn’t met someone who will always run hundreds of miles just to be with you, someone who can’t wait to hear your laughter and your childhood stories.

You’re still stuck with the wrong people and you kept expecting them to change, instead of giving yourself the chance to soar away and seek for someone who has the package.


And you need to remember that the wrong people will tell you it was hard loving you, but the right ones will always break themselves just to convince you that you are bigger than your flaws. 

Never lose hope and never put yourself in someone’s life when they can’t even assure you that they saw their future with you.

Always learn to stay out from someone’s line if you could sense that they are starting to form a circle and loving them means you were going nowhere.


Leave as soon as you can. Love yourself in the most intense way you could, the most realistic way possible. Show them the right ways on how to love you.

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Mica Menez is a writer who focuses on love, relationships, and dating. For more of her love content, visit her author profile on The Mind's Journal.