Video Vixen Lira Galore Claims Her Baby Daddy Abused Her — And 'Pee' Thomas Fires Back

This custody battle is getting messy!

Who Is Lira Galore? New Details On Video Vixen Who Alleged Her Baby Daddy 'Pee' Thomas Abused Her Getty Images

Who is Lira Galore? 

When the professional video vixen took to her social media to trash her baby daddy, Quality Control CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas, fans were wondering what, exactly, was going on. After all, they seemed rather happy together — they even went on to have a child!

But Lira Galore (real name: Tylira Mercer) made some pretty harsh accusations against her baby daddy, even going so far as to accuse him of abusing her. (The hip hop blog-osphere exploded when she did that, as can be expected.) 


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So what went wrong? And did you know that "Pee" fired back against her accusations? Let's look at what we know about this whole messy situation. 

1. Who is Lira Galore? She used to date Rick Ross. 

Before she got involved with Pierre "Pee" Thomas, Lira Galore was very heavily involved with rapper Rick Ross. In fact, the duo was engaged for a short period of time! However, they split up after she accused him of doing "sneaky things" behind his back.


Though she never made clear what those "sneaky things" were, many speculated that the "Money in the Grave" rapper was cheating on her



A post shared by Lira Mercer (@lira_galore) on Dec 19, 2019 at 11:00am PST

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2. After she broke up with Ross the Bawse, she made a sex tape with a basketball star. 

Back in 2016, Galore was caught on tape giving oral sex to Minnesota Timberwolves star Lance Stephenson. But according to Galore in some now-deleted tweets, she claimed that her social media account was "hacked," which is how her tape with Stephenson became public.

But she didn't deny that it was her on the tape — rather, she rhetorically asked on Twitter, "y'all never seen nobody suckin' d***? Everybody relax." 

3. Galore was also linked to Mike Epps... while he was still married. 

In this "hack" of Galore's social media, it was revealed that she was also DMing Mike Epps while he was still married. In these leaked DMs, she referred to the comedian as "boo," while he referred to her as "babe." (Even if there was nothing romantic going on between them, you have to admit that this is mega-inappropriate.) 

4. She graduated high school with honors but started working as a stripper at the age of 18. 

Before she was known as Lira Galore, Tylira Mercer grew up in Houston, where she graduated high school with honors and worked so hard to save her money, she bought her first car in straight cash. However, by the time she was 18, she was working as a stripper.


Galore said that she chose to be a stripper because she had a "goal" to make a certain amount of money, then leave the industry when she reached that goal. Galore also said that while she was working as a stripper, she got into dancing and modeling. And as she became more successful with her clothes on, she moved away from stripping toward dancing and modeling

5. Galore had a child with Thomas, but they broke up. 

In what can only be described as a "messy breakup," Galore claimed that Thomas abused her, savagely, while she was pregnant with their daughter. She said that he would beat her so savagely that he left "knots" on her face and dislocated her finger.

After one particular beating in August 2018, he tried to "make things right with her" by buying her a car; two weeks after he bought the car, he smashed out the driver's side window. (He sounds like a catch...) Galore filed suit in court demanding $15 million from Thomas. 

6. But Thomas called shenanigans. 

Thomas almost immediately fired back, claiming that Galore was trying to "shake him down." He claimed that his drama with the video vixen has to do with the fact that her child support "switched," and she was "down to her last," which is why she was mad.


He then leaked texts between the two of them on his Instagram (and subsequently deleted the "leak") claiming she was snorting cocaine while she was pregnant with their daughter before saying that "a wise man once told me when you lay down with pigs you get mud all over you... guess he was right." And then he concluded all this by saying that she's had "five abortions," and she has a pimp to "sell her."

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