Cardi B's Bodyguard Is Going Viral Because He's Smoking Hot [PICS]

Oh, hello.

Who Is Cardi B.’s Bodyguard? His Name Is Price And He's Going Viral Because He's Smoking Hot Getty Images

It goes without saying that Cardi B. gets attention wherever she goes, but now, it seems like she might have a little competition. 

Fans have noticed Cardi B's bodyguard (and the fact that he’s incredibly attractive) and the internet is not holding back when it comes to expressing their love for him. His name is Price, and at this point, most people don’t know much about him other than the fact that he’s responsible for keeping Cardi safe. 


So who is Cardi B's bodyguard, Price ... and more importantly, is he single? 



1. Who is Cardi B.'s bodyguard, Price? He just went viral. 

Although Price was basically unknown to most of us until this week, now, that’s no longer the case. He caught everyone’s eye when he was spotted outside of court with Cardi when she was there for an appearance related to the altercation she was allegedly involved in at the Angeles Strip Club in Queens. 


Cardi B. may have been wearing a feather coat with a train, but all eyes were on Price, and fans immediately started tweeting about him

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2. He's been working with Cardi for at least a few months.



A post shared by Price (@price_services) on Aug 29, 2019 at 2:06pm PDT



Price’s Instagram includes plenty of photos of Cardi while he’s on the job, so it would stand to reason that not only do they work together, but they’ve also developed a tight relationship (as many celebrities have with their bodyguards). However, the first photo of Cardi on his feed didn’t show up until the end of August, so maybe they’ve only recently started working together? It would make sense, or surely we would have noticed him by now. 

3. Price has his own security company. 

It’s called Priceless Protection Services (makes sense) and is a registered business in Mableton, Georgia. The owner is someone named Omari Price, so it stands to reason that he’s the Price — did we just discover his first name? Interesting… 

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4. Price has a son of his own, but he stills seems to be single. 




A post shared by Price (@price_services) on Nov 28, 2019 at 4:10pm PST


Price’s son appears on his Instagram a couple of times, and it seems like they’re incredibly close. Being that Cardi has a daughter, Kulture, with baby daddy Offset, she and Price already have that in common. However, it’s also easy to see that no woman he seems to be romantically involved with is in any of his photos, so it’s possible that Price and his son’s mother are no longer together.


Does this mean he’s single? It’s impossible to say for sure, but if he is in a relationship, he’s keeping it off social media. 

5. He turned heads at Paris Fashion Week, too. 

This fall, Price was on the job with Cardi in Paris, and yep — people noticed him then, too. It makes sense; not only is he good looking, but he’s usually pretty well dressed, too, so of course, he brought it when it came to Fashion Week.

6. Fans want Cardi to ditch Offset for her bodyguard.

The tweets have it. People think that Cardi should “pay Offset back” for cheating on her by getting with Price. That’s a bold claim, but one tweet on the subject has already gained almost 3,000 likes. 


“Cardi B needs to do the right thing and cheat on Offset with her bodyguard,” says the tweet. 

As far as we know, Cardi is still happy with Offset, so that’s probably not happening anytime soon.  Since Price is going viral, maybe he’ll share more about himself on Instagram. Now, we follow him… and wait. 

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