4 Tips To Plan The Perfect Romantic Dinner Date At Home

You don't have to go out to have a romantic night.

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Spending some alone time with your partner is always on the menu for a nice, quiet evening together. But, how do you make that dinner date special enough for both of you to cherish its sweet memories years later?

Perhaps the first answer to cross your mind is dining out. But how about doing something different this time: a romantic night in?

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Imagine a romantic dinner at home. The two of you eat in quiet and solitude, enjoying a specially cooked meal filled with love. If that sounds like your perfect night, here are four ways to plan the perfect romantic night in.

1. Keep it a surprise.

Everyone loves surprises, especially when someone special plans them out. Don’t tell your partner about your plans for the evening. Think of little ways you can surprise them, too.

Try scented lit candles around the room, scattered rose petals at the entrance, dim lighting, balloons, or colourful lights — anything that you know your partner loves.


2. Have a specific idea of what to serve.

Start by planning out the drinks. Wine usually pairs best with a fancy dinner, but take your partner’s taste into account, too. A sophisticated cocktail works just as well. 

Next, plan simple appetizers that won’t fill you up before you serve the main course, but still sets the mood for the rest of the meal. 

Bruschetta, deviled eggs, tortilla chips with homemade guacamole, and cheese and crackers all make great appetizers. You can also prepare some of these appetizers earlier in the day, too.

Let them cook in an instant pot on their own time. That way, they’ll definitely stay warm until your dinner.


For the main course, try an easy, but imaginative dish. Be careful with meaty entreés if it’s a first or second date – be sure to have a vegetarian or vegan option on hand. 

Top off the meal with a special dessert — cakes, brownies, or even a simple custard usually hits the spot. However, don’t experiment with a new, untested dessert. You wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on your romantic date!

Although you want this night to be special, avoid preparing elaborate dishes that leave you exhausted by the time your date arrives. Also, if you know you aren’t great at cooking, you can always order in from your partner’s favorite restaurant. If you do this, just be sure to order in advance so that you have time to transfer the meal onto your own serving dishes.

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3. Focus on the décor.

Your food may be delicious, but your presentation matters even more. Your dim lighting, scented candles, and flowers may have set the tone for the night, but don’t forget about the place setting!

Lay out your and their favourite table spread, set out your fine china, and decorate with some fresh flowers and some candles to make your dining room look like a Michelin-star restaurant. 

4. Keep the distractions at bay.

The table’s set and the date’s going perfectly. Now what could possibly hamper your alone time with your love? Make sure that your pets are safe and happily out of earshot and don’t forget to silence your phones. Unexpected noise is one of the quickest ways to ruin a date!


Planning a romantic night in may seem daunting. If you follow these tips, though, you’re sure to win over your true love!

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