Dancehall Artist Sikka Rymes Shot Three Times — What We Know About His Condition

Prayers up for the young stunna!

Who Is Sikka Rymes? New Details On The Dancehall Artist And Vybz Kartel's Cousin Who Has Been Shot Three Times And Remains In Critical Condition Instagram

Who is Sikka Rymes? That's been the question on everyone's mind since the word got out that he'd been shot, three times, and admitted to the hospital in critical condition. The dancehall artist is currently recovering in Kingston Public Hospital, and though he no longer has the bullets inside of him, his condition is listed as critical. But is he going to be alright? And do we know any other details about who shot him? 


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Dancehall music — like every other musical style — is one that evolves over a period of time. And with dancehall's evolution comes the rise of new kings, queens, princes, and princesses — which is where Sikka Rymes comes in. Earning a well-deserved co-sign from one of the biggest DJs in the dancehall — one Vybz Kartel —  Sikka's style of music is "different," by his own admission, than that which is typically found in the dancehall oeuvre.


Now, however, he's found himself in the spotlight for far more tragic reasons. Let's look at what we know about Sikka Rymes' condition. 

1. His "breakthrough" track featured the late XXXTentacion. 

Dancehall doesn't have as much of a presence in the American mainstream as it does in the Jamaican mainstream, but that doesn't mean Sikka Rymes hasn't made his mark in America. To the contrary: the late rapper XXXTentacion knew enough to feature him in his video for "Royalty," which also featured a who's who of the Jamaican dancehall that included Vybz Kartel and Ky-Mani Marley. "Royalty," itself, was a tribute to the Jamaican dancehall. 

2. Sikka Rymes has family in the dancehall world. 

He's the cousin of rising dancehall star Shawn Storm, and is considered part of the "Gaza family." Originally used as a term to refer to people, in general, from the town of Portsmore in Jamaica, "Gaza family" today refers to a musical movement headed up by Vybz Kartel. 

3. Is he related to Vybz Kartel?

For a variety of reasons, Vybz Kartel is both revered and controversial. However, a co-sign from him is considered a co-sign from dancehall royalty — and that's exactly what Sikka Rymes got as he started his rise in the dancehall world. While some outlets identify Rymes as a "cousin" of Vybz Kartel, that "cousin" identification may be as a result of being part of the "Gaza family." Regardless of the blood relation, or lack thereof, Sikka Rymes is a "close friend and business partner" of the now-incarcerated DJ. 


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4. Sikka Rymes is proud of his affiliation with Vybz Kartel. 

Because of the controversy surrounding Vybz Kartel, Sikka Rymes himself has come under fire and scrutiny. But it's fire and scrutiny that he can handle, by his own admission. "We reside in the same community, and as a young artist, I got introduced to him by my cousin, Shawn Storm. At the moment, I'm not signed to any labels under the Gaza brand, but my label, which is Sikk Records, is all about the Gaza movement and maintaining it. The affiliation with the deejay will bring me under the microscopes, yes, but I'm not worried about that," he told the Jamaica Star newspaper.

5. He was shot after a performance. 

Sikka Rymes was performing in Sandy Park, Jamaica, on December 1st. Shortly after his performance, he was shot multiple times in the Sovereign Shopping Center neighborhood. He was immediately transported to Kingston Public Hospital. Police, however, don't have any further details as to who may have shot him. 

6. Sikka Rymes is currently in critical condition. 

While Sikka Rymes was in Kingston Public Hospital, he was admitted into surgery, where the bullets were removed from his body. Reports suggest that his condition is "grave," which prompted an outpouring of love and grief from the dancehall community. 


Check out the post from Shawn Storm, Sikka Rymes' cousin, expressing his concern below. 

We hope Sikka Rymes pulls through!


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