How Did Tawasa Harris Die? New Details On Death Of Dipset Rapper Cam'ron's Girlfriend

Rest in peace, Tawasa Harris.

How Did Tawasa Harris Die? New Details OnDeath Of Dipset Rapper Cam'ron's Girlfriend Instagram

Though the name Tawasa Harris doesn't necessarily ring any bells in the mainstream media, hers is a name that means the world to Cam'ron. Harris was the girlfriend of the leader of the Dipset rap collective (that also includes fellow rappers-turned-Love & Hip Hop stars Jim Jones and Juelz Santana), and she passed away suddenly not long ago. How did Tawasa Harris die? 

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As Cam'ron explained in his lengthy tribute post to Tawasa Harris, he originally dated her when they were teenagers. When their relationship fell apart in 2002, he got together with other women, including his son's mother. Then, about a year and a half ago, Cam'ron said that he reconnected with Harris, and had been with her ever since. He also confirmed the pair were together at the time of her death and that she was "the love of his life."

Before getting involved with Tawasa Harris, Cam'ron was seriously involved with a woman known only as "JuJu." When initial reports about Harris' passing hit the blog-osphere, there were more than a few people who thought, in fact, that JuJu was the girlfriend who'd passed away. However, JuJu is thankfully alive and well (though things between her and Cam'ron didn't exactly end well). 


Let's look at what we know about Cam'ron's girlfriend's, Tawasa Harris' death. 

1. She and Cam'ron were extremely close. 

Cam'ron and Tawasa Harris were very close. "She was the person I spent 3-4 nights a week with, the person I fell asleep on the phone with, the person I spent all summer with, the person I planned Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's with," he wrote in his Instagram post.

2. Tawasa Harris was responsible for "the best time of his life." 

In the same emotional post he made about Tawasa Harris, Cam'ron said that when he got back together with his high school sweetheart, she was responsible for "the best time of his life." He also, however, clarified that she was not the rapper's son's mother — because some media outlets identified her as such. 



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3. She had three children, but none with Cam'ron. 

Cam'ron's girlfriend had three children and is also survived by her mother and brother, as well as a man named Logan, whom Cam'ron didn't immediately identify. However, while none of her three children are with the "Wet Wipes" rapper, Cam'ron said that Tawasa Harris "loved all of you guys unconditionally." 


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4. Tawasa Harris' death was first announced on Facebook. 

Word of Cam'ron's girlfriend's death came out on Facebook when Tawasa Harris' friend Latanya Marie posted the tribute to Facebook. "R.i.p Tawasa… I didn’t sleep all night bc of all the old memories that kept poppin in my head of all the fun times we all had back in early 80’w/ my Cousin Tresha (r.i.p) how she would bring me down the bottom to your house and we would go up to Southwest Philly It was my first introduction to the fast life — a.k.a the streets. You Definitely lived by the words. “Fly 2 I die," she wrote in a post that she's since made private.

5. Cam'ron said her death shook him. 

Over the years, Cam'ron said that he'd had to deal with a lot of death in his life, and he thought he'd become "numb to death." However, when Tawasa Harris died, he said that he realized he could still truly feel the pain and loss of death. 

6. Tawasa Harris reportedly died of a heart attack.

While details surrounding Tawasa Harris' death remain sketchy, one outlet reports she died of a heart attack. However, the cause of death is still officially unconfirmed. Our thoughts are with Cam'ron, and Tawasa Harris's family, during this tragic time. 


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