Get To Know Ashley McBryde, Winner Of New Artist Of The Year Award At The 2019 CMAs

She's very talented!

Who Is Ashley McBryde? 6 Facts About The 2019 CMA New Artist Of The Year Instagram

This is certainly not your mother's country music!

Today's country music is much more pop-sounding and progressive than ever, and this woman is the perfect example of why that's so!

Who is Ashley McBryde, winner of the New Artist of the Year Award at this year's CMAs?

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A native of Arkansas, Ashley McBryde has recorded two albums so far. Jalopies & Expensive Guitars debuted via Road Life Records in 2016, and Girl Going Nowhere, her first with a major label, was released by Warner Music Nashville to great acclaim in 2018.

She got her start in music by practicing on her father's guitar, and it wasn't long before she was headed to Nashville, graduating from Arkansas State University in 2007 and then lighting off to to follow her musical dreams.

Let's look at what else we know about this talented woman!

1. She had one of the 54 best songs of 2017, according to The New York Times

McBryde's single "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" made the New York Times list of the 54 best songs of 2017.


That's a pretty heavy accomplishment, especially since she was up against some pretty established artists!

2. She's received her first Grammy nomination in 2019

That same hit song was nominated for Best Country Album at the 61st annual Grammy Awards.

The song is critically acclaimed, having been featured in several best-of lists, including the aforementioned New York Times list and another in Rolling Stone.

3. She earned the seal of approval from Kid Rock

Leaving aside that getting a co-sign from Kid Rock may or may not be a good thing, but the rock/rap/country star had nothing but respect when introducing McBryde as breakout artist of the year at the 2019 CMT Artists of the Year ceremony.


"It’s daunting to tell you the story about this year’s breakout artist," he said. "Because she is the real storyteller. Her songs are about things that mean something to her: a discouraging high school teacher, or the bible and gun her father always kept around. I defy you to listen to those songs and not be moved. They take a hold of us. She’s an inspiration to everyone who risked everything to chase the dream that ignites their soul," he said.

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4. After winning the CMA, her record sales went through the roof

It's not unusual for award winners to see a spike in sales after they win a major award.

And according to Rolling Stone, sales of "New Artist of the Year winner Ashley McBryde’s 2018 LP Girl Going Nowhere increased 555%."


5. She was quite endearing when she won her award at the CMAs

"Girls, this thing's heavy, and you'll feel really good carrying it around. It's never too early to start doing what you want to do. It's never too late to start doing what you want to do, either. Just don't forget, the only person that can stop you is you. So don't tell yourself no, because everybody else is going to do that for you," she told the press backstage after beating out her CMA competition — country music artists Carly Pearce, Midland, Cody Johnson and Morgan Wallen.

6. Ashley McBryde's high school honored her after she won the New Artist Award

According to local news, McBryde's alma mater Highland High School honored her with a special award after she won New Artist of the Year at the CMAs.

And we couldn't be prouder of her, either! Congratulations!


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