Fit Mommy Blogger Sia Responds To Trolls Shaming Her Bikini Pics — What She Said

She allegedly makes $500,000 from her fitness blog!

Who Is Sia Cooper? Fit Mommy Blogger Responds To Trolls Shaming Her Bikini Pics Instagram

Instagram and fitness mogul Sia Cooper responded to recent mom-shaming amid backlash from her bikini photo on Instagram. Some of the comments on the photo were very harsh and highly critical of Cooper’s self-portrayal on her Instagram since she's a mom of two. Cooper showed off her incredible body and looks freaking amazing. Considering she is also a fitness instructor, what did people really expect — because we honestly respect her more, especially after having two kids!


One comment reads: "To show your gains you don't have to show your behind like that," wrote one person in a comment saved by Cooper. "You are a mother, think about what your children see...Unfollowed." Cooper responded with a lengthy written Instagram post defending herself. In part, it reads: "Since when were moms supposed to hide their bodies?" she wrote. "Since when were mothers no longer allowed to feel sexy? How do you think babies even got here in the first place?"

Cooper shared with Insider most of the comments were positive but she couldn’t help but notice the negative ones. "I wondered, would I have gotten the same comment had I not been a mother?" she said. "Society seems to expect moms to act and look a certain way and I think it's bullshit. So I clapped back with my post to support and to remind all moms that they do not have to dress like a nun just because they birthed a baby." She continued, "Motherhood is tough as it is," Cooper told Insider. "It is even tougher when society is screaming at you to be what they want you to be."


Who is Sia Cooper?  Read on to find out more about her.

1. She has her own fitness blog

In Sia’s blog, Diary of a Fit Mommy, she offers helpful content with advice on dieting, training guides and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. An excerpt from her blog reads: “I started my blog as a way to help keep me accountable and share with others what has worked and what hasn’t. I also used my blog to help keep me accountable throughout my first pregnancy in which I worked out until labor began and gained 30lbs throughout.”

Her blog and social media platforms are vastly successful with over 1 million Instagram followers and 4,000 twitter followers. As if that wasn’t enough, Cooper even shared that she brings home $500,000 a year from her fitness blog.


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2. She got married and divorced by the time she was 20

In a lengthy Instagram post, Cooper shared that she married young and that it led to the downfall of both her mental and physical health but later writes that there are lessons to be learned from everything. The post reads, “By the time you’re 20, you will marry someone who emotionally abuses you because you weren’t taught your own worthiness and how you should be treated. You’ll eventually divorce this man and hit a new level of low.”

3. She struggled with weight gain

Cooper shared in a very personal Instagram post that she struggled with her fair share of dark times, causing her weight to fluctuate up and down. She wrote, “You’ll attend nursing school and learn to eat your emotions which leads you to your first actual time of being overweight. However, you’ll quickly lose the weight within a year dropping down to a mere 100lbs and wanting more. You won’t have any balance because you’ve never been taught how to do so. Your life has always been extreme one way or the other.” She later writes, “But Sia, it gets better.”


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4. Chrissy Teigen slammed Cooper for driving traffic to her profile by commenting on other celebrities

Cooper has quite the amount of controversy around her status as an “influencer” and many have even called her out on it, including Chrissy Teigen. In a tweet, Teigen wrote: “There is a certain ‘influencer' who goes on the posts of other celebrities to comment for the sake of driving traffic to their channel.” However, according to Celebrity Insider, a few hours later, Teigen removed the post and later admitted she didn’t want to throw Sia under the bus.

5. She shared earlier this year that she is getting divorced

In her recent YouTube video titled "Divorce: Why We Split," Cooper shared that she had been pretty open about the separation between her and her husband, but announced the divorce in September. In the video, she shared that their relationship changed drastically after they had kids and Cooper admitted her attraction towards her husband diminished and she felt that the two were merely just friends or roommates. She also shared that she and her husband were fighting frequently and that this decision was for the best. They will split custody of their children 50/50.


6. She got her breast implants removed after they were causing complications

In her blog, Diary of a Fitness Mommy, Cooper shared the physical toll her breast implants had on her health. For years, she explained that she noticed symptoms of diminished energy but could not figure out the culprit after several doctors’ visits. Cooper wrote, “Physically, I was at the point where my body wouldn’t allow me to lift weights or run anymore because my joints and muscles hurt. I was stuck in bed for most of my day, sleeping yet never feeling fully rested.” She shared that most doctors' tests came out normal except one that came back as pre-menopausal when she was just 29 years old. “I found out that my breast implants could be the issue as silicone is linked to many autoimmune disorders since they’re endocrine/hormone disrupters. I found other women who were suffering, and we all had the same symptoms in common in an online Facebook group.”

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