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Nikki Henry Claims She Was Groomed To Be Sex Slave At 14 For NYC Executive

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Who Is Nikki Henry? New Details On Model Groomed By Ghislane Maxwell At 14 To Be Sex Slave For KPMG Executive

A new lawsuit claims that alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell is being accused of grooming child model Nikki Henry as Douglas Graham's sex slave when she was just 14 years old. According to Heavy, Ghislaine Maxwell had close ties to registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who was charged with federal child sex trafficking. Maxwell was Epstein's former girlfriend, partner and alleged recruiter of underage girls for Epstein. She was also named as a co-conspirator in the first case against Epstein but was granted immunity.

According to The Daily Mail, Douglas Graham, then 45, had an eye “for young women, sadomasochistic sex, and dungeons,” when he spotted Nikki Henry at a modeling event in Union Square in 1995. Now, she is sharing her story and "alleges that Graham, who was managing director of the international auditing firm KPMG, used company credit cards to procure underage girls." Henry shared that despite the 31-year age gap, the relationship between Graham and Henry lasted for several decades. Daily Mail shared that Henry filed her lawsuit under New York State’s Child Victims Act, which grants a one-year window for alleged victims of crimes that took place when they were children to seek damages.

Maxwell is alleged to have helped scout out underage girls who Epstein raped and abused. Accusations of Maxwell's involvement have come from multiple women involved in the exploitation. 

Who Is Nikki Henry?

1. This scandal has had a lasting impact on Henry

Henry, now 38, told The Post she never had children or got married due to the toll the relationship with Graham took on her. She claimed that Graham kept her isolated from the outside world and wouldn't even let her take a bath alone. She also shared that she would spend weeks hiding out in the couple’s Manhattan apartment.

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2. The relationship just recently ended

According to The Daily Mail, The decades-long relationship between Henry and Graham only recently ended, with Henry now 38 years old. She shared, “All I have now is fear." Graham, now 69, was close with Maxwell’s father, media mogul Robert Maxwell, she said. Graham “refined his appetites through his friendship with Maxwell and his entourage which included Ghislaine and other individuals of ill repute, according to the suit.

3. Maxwell's current whereabouts are unknown

According to Radar“Ghislaine and her family are really experts at dropping off the radar,” journalist Andy Tillett explained. “After her dad Robert Maxwell’s suspicious death, she did the same thing for a while. Her lifestyle makes it pretty easy for her to disappear.” The article shared that her family owns properties all over the world, and amid Epstein’s sudden death, she could be anywhere.

4. Graham is deeming Henry’s accusations as ‘harassment’

Graham's story is a bit different from Henry's, and he shares claims that Henry was the one abusive toward him. According to The Daily Mail, he shared that he repeatedly called the police on Henry and wanted legal protection against her."This current accusation that she is making is simply a continuation of the harassment process," he told the Post.

5. Maxwell was named by multiple victims of Epstein’s

According to The Daily Mail, Maxwell is one of four women named in a lawsuit filed by one of Epstein’s alleged victims, Jennifer Araoz. Araoz, 32, shared a similar story as Henry's, was also groomed for sex at the age of 14 and was later raped by Epstein. Araoz wants ‘justice not just against Mr. Epstein’s estate, but the network of enablers that surrounded him, and the network of corporate interests that surrounded him,’ her lawyer Daniel Kaiser told reporters on a conference call.

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6. Many of the previously recruited women have requested everyone involved to be held accountable

Several of the women involved in this sex scandal have requested prosecutors to continue investigating the women in Mr. Epstein’s inner circle, according to The New York Times. “Jeffrey is no longer here, and the women that helped him are,” said Teresa Helm, who said she was recruited into Mr. Epstein’s world 17 years ago. “They definitely need to be held accountable for helping him, helping themselves, helping one another carry on this huge — almost like — system.”

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