War Hero Son Of Multi-Millionaire Found Chopped Up In Trunk Of Car — All The Details On Adrian Bonar's Death

Authorities are suspecting the L.A. Cartel.

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The body of a 34-year-old man was found murdered and wrapped in tarpaulin and duct tape in the boot of a car in California. Iraq War veteran Adrian Bonar's body was found just about 75 miles away from his home at 10.45am local time on Thursday, October 17, according to the Mirror. Bonar was known to frequent motels in the region but police are uncertain of the reason. The motive is unclear at this time. Bonar's father is millionaire entrepreneur Brian Bonar, 72, who resides in the San Diego area where he owns a number of restaurants.


"The car was registered to a woman in San Diego County and its registration expired more than a year ago, but it was not reported stolen and it was not linked to any missing persons investigation,’ KTLA reported.

The 34-year-old war veteran was laid to rest in a coffin draped with a US flag on Monday. How did Adrian Bonar die?


1. He had a wife and kids

Bonar’s close friend Gustavo Dias shared that Bonar was married with children, but Dias withheld further detail about the family to respect their privacy. Dias shared with The Daily Mail: “He was just an awesome guy. Someone who you wanted to be around with.”


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2. He served in the military

Bonar served in the army and deployed to Iraq in 2007 and 2008, according to The Daily Mail. 'He was an outstanding soldier,' his friend Gustavo Dias said. ‘I got so many (pictures), of him being silly in Iraq trying to make everyone laugh.' He and Dias had served together in the army and both were honorably discharged, says Dias. 

3. Bonar ‘frequented’ motels

According to Heavy, Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt reported that “he (Bonar) spent most of his time at motels in the North San Diego County area and the Los Angeles County area. We had no previous contact with him in Anaheim.” The reason why he frequented motels is unclear but has been deemed as a noteworthy detail surrounding his mysterious murder.


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4. The L.A. Cartel is a suspect

Due to the mystery and extremity around Bonar’s death, authorities are suspecting Los Angeles-based gang MS-13 as the killers of the targeted execution. “Officers are still working on a motive but it's no secret these people are happy to use extreme violence at the drop of a hat,” a source told The Sun.

5. His sister paid tribute to him in an online post

According to Mirror, Pauline Gourdie, Adrian’s sister, shared a heartbreaking tribute online. It reads: “My heart is breaking, yet bursting with pride that you were my brother. It’s clear you were not only loved by your family but by so many whose lives you touched. You were taken too soon but by gawd did you live it. So proud of all that you achieved in your life, cut short by evil scum.”


6. His family started a foundation in his name

Following his death, the Bonar’s family created a foundation to raise money for “all Vets suffering from PTSD and Drug Abuse,” called 'The Adrian Bonar Foundation.' The foundation was created by Adrian’s siblings in memory of him/

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