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Body Of Walt Harris' 19-Year-Old Stepdaughter Found; 2 Suspects In Custody Charged With Kidnapping

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Body Of Walt Harris' 19-Year-Old Stepdaughter Found; 2 Suspects In Custody Charged With Kidnapping

As news outlets report missing children, communities take to the streets and perform searches, raise money for the families, and offer support. And one case out of Alabama is hitting closer to home.

Who is Aniah Blanchard? Blanchard was the 19-year-old stepdaughter of UFC heavyweight fighter Walt Harris, who is currently ranked as #10 in the UFC heavyweight rankings.

Blanchard was last heard from on Wednesday, October 23, when she talked to her friend late that evening. On Thursday, October 24, her family reported her missing.

Sadly, police provided an update on November 27th that remains found on Macon County on County Road 2 were confirmed to be Blanchard's.

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On Friday, October 25, her car was found abandoned at an apartment complex. According to police, her black Honda CR-V was found around 6:15 PM by someone who lives at the complex, and the car seemed to have “sustained damage.”

The car was also seen around 12:30 AM on Thursday morning.

Photos: Auburn Police Department

At the time she was reported missing, the Auburn Police Department released a statement:

“On Friday, Oct. 25, at 6:15 p.m., Aniah Haley Blanchard’s vehicle was located at an apartment complex in the 6100 block of Boardwalk Boulevard in Montgomery, Alabama. Members of the Auburn Police Division, as well as the Montgomery Police Department, responded after receiving notification from a citizen.

While the vehicle has been recovered, Blanchard has not been located. The investigation continues regarding her disappearance. Upon the vehicle's recovery, damage had occurred from the time it was last seen on Wednesday, Oct. 23, just before midnight in Auburn and its recovery in Montgomery on Oct. 25.”

Harris also made a post on Instagram calling for any help or information on Blanchard’s disappearance.


A post shared by Walt Harris (@thebigticket205) on Oct 24, 2019 at 3:12pm PDT

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Her family claimed that Blanchard had met up with a young man on Wednesday night, though they did not know the relationship between the two. Records also indicated that Blanchard’s debit card was used on Wednesday night, and her phone went dark that evening around 11:57 PM.

Two men have since been arrested and charged in connection to her disappearance and murder.

Antwain “Squirmy” Fisher, 35, and Ibraheem Yazeed, 29, are believed to kidnapped and possibly murdered the young woman. Yazeed was arrested on November 7th, and was a person of interest after video surveillance showed him inside a convenience store where Blanchard was last seen.

Said Josh Mixon, an Auburn investigator, "Mr. Yazeed purchased an alcoholic beverage, where he took to the counter and while he was getting change, he had his hand out for his change, he looks over his shoulder at her (Blanchard), and watches her walking past and then gets his change and walks out of the store and walks out.”

The second suspect, Fisher, was arrested two weeks later and booked on first degree kidnapping charges. According to court documents, Fisher aided Yazeed by "giving him a ride and disposing of evidence."

Both Yazeed and Fisher have a history of arrests and crime. Yazeed was charged in the past with robbery, attempted murder, drug possession, assault, and battery against an officer; Fisher was charged with capital murder in 2006 for the death of Amy Rawls and sentenced to 3 years in prison, but was later released.

After it was determined that Blanchard's remains had been found, Harris made a heartbreaking post on Instagram remembering his stepdaughter:


A post shared by Walt Harris (@thebigticket205) on Nov 28, 2019 at 6:11am PST

"My sweet baby girl... I just wanna thank you for helping me change my life for the better... For teaching me how to be a man and a better father! For being my biggest fan win, lose, or draw! For always knowing what to say to put a smile on my face and lift me up when I was down and wanted to give up. You light up my world I’m so many ways.

This pain is unbearable... I know you want me to be strong but it so hard baby it so hard. I’m gonna find away I promise you I will. Right now nothing makes sense and I’m so lost. I just want you back. I hope I made you proud... I’m gonna keep going daddy just needs time. I love you so much. Look after us like you always did. We need you now more than ever. My lil mighty mighty tiger is a angel now. I love you baby girl forever and ever!"

Harris' mother, Angela Harris, also spoke to ABC 33/40 about her daughter:

“She was my heart. Just her laughter and her smile, that’s what I'm going to miss the most. Just her happiness because she made life better for all of us... Maybe not even anything I could have done, but I should have prepared her just a little bit better for things she might have come into contact with. It can happen to you, it can happen to your family. So from tonight on, go home, make a plan, get some things together, talk to your kids so we can prevent this and start fighting back for this evil that’s in this world.”

Our thoughts are with Aniah Blanchard's family at this time.

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