Rapper Trick Daddy Files For Bankruptcy For The Fourth Time

Take it the (court) house!

Who Is Trick Daddy? New Details On Rapper Filing For Bankruptcy For Fourth Time Instagram

There was a time in the early 2000s when his songs were all over urban radio. His hit song, "Take It To The House," jettisoned him into the mainstream, and for a while, it seemed like his music would be on our radios for a long, long time. Recently, however, he filed for bankruptcy for the fourth time, claiming that he had exactly zero dollars in his checking account. Damn! Who is Trick Daddy, and what's going on?


Originally from Miami's Liberty City, Maurice Samuel Young got his start on a song called "Scarred," which was recorded by former 2 Live Crew leader Luther "Luke" Campbell. His standout performance on the song drew the attention of Slip-n-Slide Records, who eventually signed him to a record deal. His debut album, Based on a True Story, was released in 1997 and was very popular in the Miami area. But it wasn't until 2001 and the release of Thugs Are Us that Trick Daddy ultimately broke into the mainstream.

But, as a lot of rappers from the late 1990s and early 2000s are wont to do these days, he's now ended up on Love & Hip Hop, and that's when news of his fourth bankruptcy filing was released.


Let's look at what we know about this former titan of hip hop. 

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1. Trick Daddy and Trina announced a morning show just one day ago. 

According to The Grio, Trick Daddy and Trina — who are longtime friends who first met when they recorded "Take It To The House" together — will be starting a new morning show together and it will appear on Miami's 99 JAMZ. The outlet reports that Trick Daddy and Trina will be replacing The Ricky Smiley Show beginning in 2020. 


2. Trick Daddy also opened up a restaurant in Miami.

According to The Miami Herald, Trick Daddy also recently announced that he opened up a restaurant in his hometown of Miami's Liberty City. The outlet reports that the restaurant's opening was originally delayed due to Hurricane Dorian, but Trick Daddy's Sunday Eatery is now open for business. 

So you would think that this would be enough to keep Trick Daddy financially secure. And yet...

3. He just filed for bankruptcy for the fourth time. 

"Court documents claim that Trick Daddy owes more than $800,000 to creditors. But he reportedly has $0 in his checking account and only $150 worth of clothes. The home he owns in Miramar, Florida is worth $350,000 and has been filled with household items that amount to just $1,500. The stake the rapper has in his company, Trick & Rick Music Publishing, is only worth $5,000," reported Bossip, who added that Trick Daddy filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy on August 6th. 


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4. He owes money in a mortgage, back child support, and the IRS.

XXL broke down the sum total of Trick Daddy's debts, and they are hefty. The outlet reports that Trick Daddy owes $435,000 on his mortgage (but his house is only worth $350,000, so he's technically upside down on the house). He also owes $12,000 in HOA fees, more than $50,000 in back child support, almost $300,000 to the IRS, and credit card debt. All told, he owes more than $800,000 to his creditors. 

5. Since 2017, Trick Daddy's finances have improved. 

All Hip Hop is reporting that while Trick Daddy didn't earn money for a while, his situation has certainly gotten better since appearing on Love & Hip Hop. The outlet reports that in 2017, he only made $7,000. But, in 2018, he made $75,000, and in 2019, he's made $50,000 so far. 

6. But this is the fourth bankruptcy he's filed. 

"This isn't the first time Trick Daddy has filed for bankruptcy. Trick has tried to file bankruptcy three other times, but the cases were dismissed before his debt was depleted. The most recent was in May of 2017. The rapper put in the paperwork for bankruptcy in an effort to save his home from foreclosure," reported Complex Magazine.


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