DJ Envy And Gucci Mane Have Beef — What We Know

Another day, another rap feud.

Who Is DJ Envy? New Details On The Feud Between Gucci Mane and DJ Envy Instagram

As one-third of The Breakfast Club, he's heard on hip hop stations all throughout New York City and, indeed, the United States. He is one of the most recognized voices on the radio. But, recently, he got into a fight with Gucci Mane, and now, he's making headlines for a completely different reason. So who is DJ Envy, and what's his deal with Gucci Mane? 

Born Raashaun Casey in Queens, New York, DJ Envy came up under the legendary DJ Clue, and eventually released his own mixtape in 2003 called The Desert Storm Mixtape: Blok Party Vol. 1. Eventually, he moved away from the mixtape circuit and onto the radio, where he got his start on Hot 97. He would mix songs once a week during Angie Martinez's noontime show. Eventually, he moved over to Power 105.1, where he, Charlamagne Tha God, and Angela Yee began hosting The Breakfast Club in 2010. He's been there ever since. 


Let's take a look at what else we know about DJ Envy. 

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1. He appeared in a Gucci Mane documentary back in 2010. 

In 2010, DJ Envy and Gucci Mane seemed to get along, so much so that he even appeared in The Raw Report documentary. You can see the preview of the documentary below. 

2. Gucci Mane threatened to slap DJ Envy. 

According to The Source, Gucci Mane started fighting with DJ Envy recently, and threatened to "slap that punk-ass bitch." The outlet reports that Gucci Mane also claimed that he was banned from The Breakfast Club, a claim that Envy denies. 


3. How did all this get started?

Complex has broken down the Gucci Mane/DJ Envy beef into a timeline, which is about as condensed as it can possibly get (though Lord knows, rap beefs can rarely if ever be fully explained by timelines). In a nutshell, even though they were all cool back in 2010, DJ Envy went on a Twitter rant (that's since been deleted) in 2014 that accused him of sleeping with a series of different women in the industry. That, of course, got Gucci Mane in his feelings, and that's when the beef kicked off. 

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4. What about Angela Yee? 

Yes, by the way, Angela Yee has a role in this, too. According to, Gucci Mane claims that Angela Yee tried to "get at him" (hook up with him) back in the day, a claim which Angela Yee denied. (There was a flirtatious exchange between the two while on the air, but nothing that was outside the realm of normal radio banter.)

5. Does DJ Envy have a point? 

Madame Noire brings up an excellent point: why, after all these years, does Gucci Mane still find it necessary to bring up Angela Yee "getting at him," or trying to, if that's indeed what happened? It happened, it was a done deal, and clearly, no one got injured in the process, so what's the big deal? And perhaps that was DJ Envy's point, too: above all else, he and Angela Yee are co-workers and friends, so why can't it remain in the realm of professional?


6. For what it's worth, there are many in hip hop who are on DJ Envy & Angela Yee's side. 

There are a lot of rappers who are on DJ Envy & Angela Yee's side. Rapper Plies, for example, told that he thought Gucci Mane was "clout chasing," or trying to get famous off of Angela Yee's name. You can see the Instagram post that Plies dedicated to the 'First Lady of Hip Hop Radio' below. 

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