Leader Of Peaceful Hong Kong Protest Brutally Beaten With Hammers

By a group of five unknown assailants.

Who Is Jimmy Sham? New Details On Leader Of Hong Kong Protest Brutally Beaten Getty

Hong Kong political and LGBT rights activist, Jimmy Sham Tsz-kit was brutally beaten with hammers by a group of five unknown assailants.

“Jimmy Sham, who leads the Civil Human Rights Front and has been actively involved in the months-long anti-government protest movement, was left bloodied and dazed after the attack Wednesday evening in Hong Kong's congested Mong Kok district,” according to NPR. In a very graphic image, Jimmy can be seen laying on the sidewalk severely injured and beaten with blood surrounding him.


It is estimated that four to five people assaulted Sham and that he bled from his arms and legs. He was en route to a CHRF meeting. According to BBC, “The attack on Mr. Sham came hours after the territory's leader suspended her annual address after being heckled in parliament.”

Who is Jimmy Sham?

1. He was attacked with hammers.

According to BBC, Sham was hit over the head with hammers but was conscious when sent to Kwong Wah Hospital in Yau Ma Tei. He is currently in stable condition. Police said Sham was bleeding from his head and arms when officers found him.


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2. He made a Facebook post while in the hospital

While still in the hospital, Sham made a statement on Facebook declaring that this is why peace is needed for protest. He said the attack "only enables me to connect even more" with fellow protesters. The post has over 14k likes.

3. He was also attacked a month prior.

According to the South China Morning Post, this is the second time Sham has been attacked since the protests. “He and his assistant Law Kwok-wai were in late August set upon by two people in masks wielding a baseball bat and a rod, hours after the pair were told by police that a rally they had planned for the following weekend had been banned.” Police arrested three males and a minor who was charged with assault and appeared at Kowloon City Juvenile Court.


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4. People tried to help but were threatened by the assailants.

"During the attack, bystanders tried to save [Sham], but the assailants threatened them to stop them from doing so," Figo Chan, described as a colleague of Sham's, told The Hong Kong Free Press. Chan also said bystanders were threatened when they tried to help Sham and that attackers pointed a knife at them, according to SCMP.

5. Although the suspects remain unknown, lawmakers have an idea of who they might be.

According to NPR, “Although the assailants who descended on Sham remain unknown, protesters and pro-democracy lawmakers were quick to suggest a tie to the government, which has sought for months to quell the demonstrations — many of which have been peaceful, though others have turned violent and led to clashes between police and mostly young activists.”


6. Many political leaders visited him in the hospital.

According to SCMP, several political leaders showed their support for Sham by visiting him in the hospital on Wednesday night. According to SCMP, this included Shiu Ka-chun, Tanya Chan, Wu Chi-wai, Ip Kin-yuen, Raphael Wong Ho-ming and “Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung.

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