Meet Courtney Skippon — New Crew Member On 'Below Deck' Who Claims She Doesn't Like Servitude

She complained about her job while her co-worker did her job for her.

Who Is Courtney Skippon? New Details On New Crew Member On Season 7 Of 'Below Deck' instagram

The fan-favorite Below Deck has returned for its 7th season and has already stirred up some interesting drama during its season premiere. We were introduced to the newest crew member, Courtney Skippon, who sure has viewers questioning how she landed her job. Skippon’s appearance was nothing short of complaints and annoyance as she made it very clear that she does not have a passion for working and would prefer complaining to anyone who would listen.


Courtney’s behavior begs the question of whether or not it will influence the length of her employment status with the charter yacht because this gal sure doesn’t seem on board with her job description. It will be interesting to see how the season plays out for Skippon if she keeps the mentality of not wanting to work at her job.

Here’s what we know so far about Courtney Skippon and a recap of some of her memorable comments from the show.

Who is Courtney Skippon?

1. She grew up in Canada.

According to Bravo, this Below Deck stewardess grew up on the west coast of Canada. While she was in college she did a year studying abroad in France where she attended business school. 


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2. Her friend got her into the stewardess biz.

According to her bio on Bravo TV's website, after her year in France, she was in search of a job and was invited by her friend to work for the charter yacht she worked on.



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3. She’s open about her hatred for working in service.

During the show’s premiere, Courtney made it blatantly clear that she prefers a life of luxury over working at a job. According to Meaww, she shared in her green room interview, that “she believes that she is better suited to be the customer enjoying all the finer things in life rather than fussing over somebody else." She also added that she isn't into ‘servitude.’ In the episode, Courtney did more complaining than work and even had Simone do her laundry and ironing for her while she complained about it.


4. She’s the third stewardess on the show.

She's the third steward/waitstaff on returning boss Kate Chastain’s team alongside new crew member Simone Mashile, according to Heavy.



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5. She has a Cameo page.

If you don’t know what Cameo is, it’s basically a site where users can pay celebrities to do or say anything they want in a video. Many famous celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Courtney Cox and others have hopped on the bandwagon.


On Courtney’s cameo page, you’re greeted with an intro video where she’s holding her dog and says “let me know if you want a personal message from either of us.” She is currently charging $35 per video and has one user rating of 5 stars.

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6. She’s quite the traveler.

If you take a look at Courtney’s Instagram, you’re immediately hit with gorgeous photos from beautiful destinations all over the world. Included in her Instagram highlights are some of the places made available for followers to view are Australia, the Bahamas, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland and more! For a girl who doesn’t enjoy working in service, the tradeoff looks to be worth it because she sure does live a lucky life of travel!


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