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Why Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel Has Become A 'Survivor' Fan Favorite

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Who Is Elizabeth Beisel? New Details On Olympic Swimmer And 'Survivor' Favorite

Every year, a new favorite emerges on different reality shows, and this year, she's the favorite on Survivor. Who is Elizabeth Beisel, and why do so many Survivor fans like her? (Hint: it's for a very good reason!) 

Derived from the Swedish reality show called Expedition RobinsonSurvivor is now in its 39th season in America alone, making it one of the longest-running reality shows in history, and the longest-running competition reality show in history. In its prime, it won and/or was nominated for several top awards, including Emmy Awards, and the first eleven seasons of the show demonstrated that it was one of the top-rated shows on television at the time. 

And while different fan favorites emerge every year, this year's fan favorite is a multi-dimensional athlete and an author who is rumored to be in the lead as the winner of this season's competition. 

So let's look at what we know about Elizabeth Beisel and whether she, indeed, can take the victory home. 

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1. As with most Survivor contestants, Elizabeth Beisel has some detractors. 

According to TV Guide, Elizabeth Beisel was discounted, in the very beginning, because she lied to her team mates. The outlet suggested that this lie would be something that would, ultimately, cost her a victory, but she seemed to survive another round. It makes one wonder if TV Guide wasn't being a bit presumptuous. After all, what Survivor contestant hasn't lied to try to get ahead? That shouldn't disqualify anyone. 

2. Elizabeth Beisel is an Olympian. 

"Elizabeth Beisel, a retired, three-time U.S. Olympic swimmer, is a contestant on the 39th season of “Survivor,” which premieres September 25. Beisel is not the first Olympian to compete in the show’s two-decade history. She retired in 2017 at age 25 after earning Olympic silver and bronze medals, plus the 2011 World title in the 400m individual medley," reported NBCwho added that she wasn't the only Olympian to ever compete on the show. In fact, she's the third Olympian to be considered a castaway.

3. Her personality traits give her the advantage. 

According to Swim Swamone of the things that make Elizabeth Beisel a favorite to win is her personality. The outlet reports that she knows how to make friends easily, and she knows how to turn people to her favor, even in the face of impossible odds. This makes her emerge as a strong leader, and someone that's considered most likely to take home "the big prize."

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4. Elizabeth Beisel said that she was inspired by the first-ever Survivor winner to try out for the show. 

"The first-ever Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, was from Newport, Rhode Island, about five minutes from where I live. Whenever something in Rhode Island happens, it’s huge. Because Rhode Island is basically a small family. The entire state gets behind them, and that’s what Richard was for us. So I had the chance to do this, and I thought, “Yeah, I’m going to challenge myself!” she said in an interview with Parade Magazine. 

5. She's also a classical musician. 

According to Heavy, in addition to being an Olympian, Elizabeth Beisel is a classically trained classical musician. She began playing the violin and piano when she was five years old, and just like her sports career, she began competing in local competitions, as well. She's reportedly still practicing the instruments in her spare time. 

6. Elizabeth Beisel recently signed a book deal, too. 

"Beisel has signed an agreement with a publisher and is working on her first book. The 27-year-old will chronicle her journey from pools throughout the region onto the world stage. “I’ve finally had the chance to reflect on my career for all of its ups and downs,” Beisel said in part. “I started writing down my stories," reported The Providence Journal.

We can't wait to see if she wins the competition this season!

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