Travis Scott Allegedly Cheated On Kylie Jenner With YungSweetRo — Who Is She?

Que escandaloso!

Who Is YungSweetRo? New Details On The Model Rumored To Have Caused Kylier Jenner/Travis Scott Breakup Instagram

Romance is truly dead if not even Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner can keep it together. But if you believe the latest rumors about the cause of their untimely demise, we have only one woman to blame, and remarkably, that woman isn't Kris Jenner. Who is YungSweetRo? 

This writer will be the first to tell you that the world of hip hop is nothing if not brutal, especially to women. You've got to get it how you can, by any means necessary. So, this post is not meant to slam YungSweetRo for doing what she had to do to survive, even if it means hooking up with a rapper (and rappers are notoriously unfaithful to their wives and girlfriends). 


This writer is also considering the possibility that this is nothing more than a new plot line on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It wouldn't be the first time something like this had happened. 

So let's look at what we know about YungSweetRo, who's either the homewrecker of the century or the newest woman to have a recurring role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, exclusively on the E! network. 


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1. This all started when she started trolling Kylie Jenner. 

According to Black Sports Online, Kylie Jenner got "trolled" by YungSweetRo on Instagram. The outlet reports that the "model" told her followers that Kylie has been "blocking and unblocking her," and she also strongly implied, but didn't outright state, that she slept with Travis Scott after a recent concert of his. 

2. YungSweetRo's name is Rojean Kar. 

"Rojean Kar, 27, who goes by the name YungSweetRo on Instagram, has long been rumored to have an ongoing relationship with the Houston-born rapper, 28, even attending his birthday bash in April — which was thrown by Jenner, 22," reported The Daily Mail, who added that when confronted with the possibility that she was, indeed, sleeping with Travis Scott, she tried to beg it off and say that the Internet was "creating a false narrative" and demanded to be left alone.


Okay girl. Whatever you say. 

3. But Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott have been having relationship issues since earlier this year. 

Back in March of this year, The Cut reported that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have had problems in their relationship for quite some time. Rumors about Travis' infidelity have dogged the couple for months, even as they called the paparazzi on themselves to try to demonstrate that they were a "happy couple." 

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4. Yung Sweet Ro is an Instagram model.

According to Pop CultureYungSweetRo frequently featured Travis Scott on her Instagram in the past, especially as she modeled various products "for the Gram." However, ever since the Kylie Jenner rumors began circulating, YungSweetRo made her Instagram private, presumably to avoid the crazy comments. 


5. Travis Scott's shoes were in her room?! Girl, what?!

"Travis has been with his side chick for years. Meanwhile y'all were screaming ‘goals’ at him and Kylie," wrote one observer on Twitter. Another pointed out that his blue Jordans appeared to be in the background of a photo which the model posted in her bedroom. She has shared pictures which showed her and Travis apparently in the same locations and she was wearing a baseball jacket allegedly belonging to the Astroworld star in another picture," reported The Sun.

6. Travis Scott denies hooking up with YungSweetRo. 

According to The Grio, Travis Scott absolutely denied hooking up with YungSweetRo. A representative for Kylie Jenner also said that the rumors about Travis Scott hooking up with YungSweetRo were false, and clarified that they were merely "taking a break" to work on trust issues, rather than splitting up completely. 


It should be interesting to see how this all plays out. 

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