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Are Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Dating?

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Are Miley Cyrus And Cody Simpson Dating?

Are Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson dating? It's been tricky keeping up with Miley Cyrus' love life because of recent, she's changing partners at the flip of a switch. After her very public and very messy divorce from Liam Hemsworth, Miley was spotted with Brody Jenner's ex, Kaitlynn Carter, who she claimed was her girlfriend. The two lasted less than a month and within a few days, Miley was then seen kissing musician Cody Simpson at a smoothie joint.

“[Miley] and Cody walked into Blue Bottle Coffee by mistake and seemed all friendly. Then came into a place next door called Backyard Bowls on Beverly Blvd. They were in-between sitting and standing while Cody waited for his smoothie bowl to go,” an eyewitness named Ashleigh told Hollywood Life exclusively.

“Whilst Cody was standing, they were kissing, they sat down and were talking for a moment and Miley got up and sat on his lap and started making out with him, and then they left together. They were in there for at least 15 minutes,” she went on to say. The kiss was also captured on a video obtained by TMZ.

The two seem very smitten with each other from their frequent social media posts; however, it does beg the question: Is this relationship a publicity stunt? Does Miley needs to take a breather from dating and rediscover herself? What do we think; do we ship these two? Let's go over some details:

1. Cody admitted Miley was his childhood celebrity crush.

Back in 2012 when Cody was just 15 years old, Simpson gave an interview to the music network Fuse where he professed his love for Miley. "I knew all the words to her songs, I'm not going to lie," Cody said, referring to Miley as his "childhood celebrity crush." Ok, that confession is honestly adorable and hey, it worked for Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. She started out as a fan of his and now they’re married! 

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2. Miley defended her relationship with Cody on Twitter.

It's no shock Miley's new relationship has received backlash, but the singer had a few words to say on the matter. An excerpt from her tweet reads: "Get used to me dating - this is where I am at! #HotGirlFall." 

3. Cody referred to Miley as his “baby” in an Instagram story.

These two are definitely not shying away from sharing their relationship with the world. Simpson recently shared an intimate selfie of him giving Miley a kiss on her forehead on his Instagram story with the caption: "Pre-swim breakfast courtesy of baby."

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4. They had a movie date night.

The two shared a movie date night together, as per Cody Simpson's Instagram story, and watched Elvis Presley’s movie Blue Hawaii — even singing along to Elvis Presley’s “Ku-U-I-Po. In the story, Miley can be seen leaning on Cody's shoulder, smiling at the camera.

5. Miley’s ex Kaitlynn Carter responded to her ex's new relationship.

TMZ reported that "she's not bothered" by Miley's relationship, but has "expressed concern over Miley's behavior to friends" and says "she's worried for her well-being." Hmmm.

6. Miley and Liam Hemsworth have been officially divorced for two months.

According to Perez Hilton, a source shared that Liam "doesn't care anymore" and is "so done with [Miley]." In fact, he's recently been spotted holding hands with Dynasty star Maddison Brown. Seems like both have decided that moving on is the best course of action!

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