5 Interesting Benefits That Essential Oils Can Bring To Your Life

Essential oils FTW.

The Benefits Of Essential Oils On Mental Health, Anxiety, And Your Whole Life Dmitry Bayer via Unsplash

By Kate Harveston

Did you know that essential oils can do everything from protect your oral health to kill MRSA bacteria?

For centuries, herbalists have relied on these concentrated plant extracts to treat a host of ailments.

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Plus, essential oils smell fantastic and enhance your living space.

Here are five interesting benefits that essential oils can offer you.

1. Essential oils mask scents

My former roommate smoked and the cigarette smell triggered my migraines.

The lingering aroma of nicotine on my old roommate’s clothing shot a fiery dagger through my right eye and out the back of my skull — or so it felt.

I began using essential oils to scent-mask (or cover up the nicotine with a pleasant smell).

You can use scented candles to mask scents, but they sometimes release benzene and other harmful chemicals into the air.


Essential oils, on the other hand, offer positive health benefits and also keep the air clean.

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2. Certain oils can ease anxiety

Some oils can help alleviate your stress if you live with an anxiety disorder.

Fragrances like clay sage, lavender, valerian, and jasmine all work well for stress relief.

You can purchase an inexpensive diffuser for your home or office to calm you down.

Also, recent clinical trials indicated that combining massage therapy with chamomile essential oil helped decrease anxiety symptoms.

3. The right oils can keep you healthy

Certain essential oils provide physical health benefits, too.


For example, tea tree oil and menthol can kill cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth.

You can add a few drops to a cup of water to your oils and use them just as you would use ordinary mouthwash.

Using your diffuser in the office can keep you feeling healthy, even when your co-workers get sick.

To fight germs, add sandalwood or eucalyptus to your desktop diffuser.

Oregano essential oil can also kill MRSA bacteria — without the bacteria developing antibacterial resistance.

Keep a few drops in a spray bottle and wipe your desk down regularly to prevent infection.

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4. Certain scents can boost your productivity

Believe it or not, certain scents can actually help you improve your productivity.


Essential oils activate the areas of your brain associated with alertness and concentration.

To improve your functioning, opt for citrusy aromas, like lemon or bitter orange.

Likewise, rose helps strengthen your ability to concentrate.

5. Essential oils simply smell terrific

Many businesses use scents as part of their branding.

Why? Scents create powerful emotional responses in our brains and people tend to engage more with brands that evoke a visceral reaction in them.

Certain aromas bring us a pleasant sense of nostalgia.


For example, cinnamon essential oil may remind you of your grandma baking.

Likewise, many people associate pumpkin spice with fall, so blend some clove and nutmeg oils to make your pad smell like you spent the day playing Martha Stewart.

Essential oils can improve your mood and boost your physical health.

Whether you use them to alleviate stress or protect your oral health, these potent plant extracts can change your life for the better.

I know there are a lot of jokes about steering clear of crazy herbalists, but I’m one of those crazy people and I’m proud of it!

You might be too, after you try out essential oils.

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Kate Harveston is a writer who focuses on self-care, mental health, and health and wellness. For more of her self-care content, visit her Twitter page.