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Malik Yoba Storms Out Of Interview After Being Asked About Allegations Of Soliciting Sex From A Trans Minor

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Who Is Malik Yoba? New Details On Actor Who Stormed Out Of Interview When Asked If He Solicited Trans Sex

Whoa! Actor Malik Yoba has caused a literal brouhaha by storming out of a very awkward interview when he was asked about a trans woman who has alleged that he paid her to have sex with him when she was only 13. This all allegedly happened back in the 1990 and that young trans girl group up to be trans activist Mariah Lopez Ebony. Yoba flew into a rage when The Root's senior reported Terrell Jermaine Starr pressed him about the incident. Yoba stormed off the set and demanded that the cameramen hand over the footage they had shot. Who is Malik Yoba?

1. He claims the reporter violated their agreement

Malik Yoba claims that the reporter violated the terms of the interview. He said: “You and I sat for four hours the other day and we decided how we were going to approach this. It’s a setup. I don’t like this.”

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2. He was asked if he fetishizes the trans community

Well, that didn't go over well at all. Starr asked Yoba about criticism levied at Yoba that he fetishizes the trans community. He replied: "I don’t appreciate this s - - t at all … We sat for four f–king hours and you’re going to stay on some allegations. F–k you! This [is] my f–king life!” He claimed to not know who Mariah Lopez Ebony was, saying: “I don’t know the woman … I have no idea who she is.”

3. There was basis for the question

Starr questioned Yoba because the actor had published an Instagram post that declaired his attraction to and love for trans women, that post has been deleted. 

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4. His acting career

Yoba is perhaps best known for his role as NYPD Detective J.C. Williams on the Fox police drama New York Undercover. He also played Yul Brenner in Cool Runnings, FBI agent Bill Harkin on the Syfy series Alphas, Jim Hudson in Revolution, Vernon Turner in Empire, and FBI Deputy Director Jason Atwood in Designated Survivor. 

5. The allegations

Mariah Lopez Ebony claims she had sex for pay with Yoba in 1998 in either New York City's West Village or the Meatpacking District. She was escorted to Yoba's "larger black SUV or Jeep" by an older sex worker. When she entered the car, Yoba handed her $80 for sex. This was not the only time the two of them met up for sex for pay according to Lopez.

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6. He denies the allegations

A representative for Yoba issued a statement to The Root saying that the actor: “categorically denies all allegations and will not respond, beyond this comment, to requests for comment.”

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