Cameron Douglas Fought With Girlfriend Viviane Thibes In Public — What We Know

What could possibly have happened?

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Addiction is a terrible disease that takes a lot out of both the addict himself (or herself) and the addict's family. And this story of addiction is, unfortunately, no different. 

Cameron Douglas is someone who should, in theory, have it all. The son of Michael Douglas and his first wife, Diandra Luker, Cameron Douglas comes from one of the most famous acting families in Hollywood, and has tried to have an acting career of his own. 


But thanks to his raging addiction, he's found himself in trouble more often than not. He's been arrested at least three times, and has served more than seven years in prison, for various drug dealing offenses.

Now, this latest incident proves that his addiction may be back and worse than ever. 

So who is Viviane Thibes, and what does she have to do with this story?

Let's look at what we know about her. 


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1. She stood by him through all his years in jail.

According to Page Six, Viviane Thibes is the true definition of a ride-or-die. The outlet reports that she stood by him throughout the seven years of his jail sentence, and never once wavered in her loyalty to him. 

2. Viviane Thibes may have stood by Cameron Douglas, but he's had a lot of romantic troubles in the past. 

"Douglas’ romantic history has been a subject of public scrutiny as two of past relationships were connected to his struggles with addiction. In 2009, Douglas’ girlfriend Kelly Sott served seven months in jail after she was arrested for trying to smuggle heroin to him in an electric toothbrush while he was on house arrest. One of his defense lawyers, Jennifer Ridha, was also caught sneaking drugs to Douglas inside prison after they developed a romantic relationship," reported People Magazine

3. She's an actress and a yoga instructor. 

According to Hollywood Life, Viviane Thibes is an actress, having starred in a few Brazilian films. She's also a yoga instructor who has been serving as an apprentice at a yoga studio in New York City for the past four months. 



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4. Viviane Thibes is the mother of Cameron Douglas' daughter. 

"On Monday, Dec. 18, the 73-year-old Wall Street star’s son Cameron Douglas and his girlfriend Viviane Thibes welcomed their first child together — a daughter named Lua Izzy! “Since Viviane has given birth to a beautiful healthy girl on Monday afternoon, I’ve been at their side ever since,” the new dad tells People. “I’m very happy,” reports a different report for People Magazine


5. For a while, it looked like things were going well.

According to yet another report for People Magazine, shortly after Viviane Thibes gave birth to Cameron Douglas' daughter, Cameron shared sweet status updates about his girlfriend and daughter, and said that he was "very happy" that he was involved with her. 

6. But recently, Viviane Thibes and Cameron Douglas got into a screaming match in public. 

Sources said the actor, 40, started yelling at girlfriend Viviane Thibes at hoity-toity Hollywood eatery Cecconi’s. "It looked like they were enjoying a date night when things suddenly got heated,” an eyewitness revealed. “He shouted at her over the table, but she gave it right back to him," reported Radar Online. 

Hopefully, things go well with the couple!


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