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Kailee McMullen's Father Claims She Committed Suicide; He's Now On Trial For Her Murder

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How Did Kailee McMullen Die? New Details On Trial Of Her Father Ronald McMullen Accused Of Killing Her And Claiming She Committed Suicide

No two families are the same. While unconditional love is supposed to be the order of the day in the place that you call home, sometimes things don't turn out the way that they should. One family knows this a little bit better than most ever will: the McMullen family of Norman, Oklahoma. How did Kailee McMullen die, it's a question that authorities think they have the answer to, but it certainly isn't pretty. They believe her father, Ronald McMullen, pulled the trigger and ended her life. 

1. Who Is Kailee McMullen?

On June 29th, in the early hours of the morning, 22-year-old Kailee McMullen was murdered. The former cheerleader who worked as an EMT and had long dreamed of working as a firefighter was found dead in her own home from a gunshot directly to her head. Kailee adored animals and adored her family even more, which makes what happened next even more appalling. When the police arrived at the scene they discovered her father, Ronald McMullen, at the scene, covered in blood. It wasn't long before they began to put together the pieces and figured out his alleged involvement in the crime and arrested him on charges of first degree murder. 

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2. Arresting Ronald McMullen

According the police responding to the scene, it was Kailee's father Ronald McMullen who called 911 to report that his daughter had shot herself. Of course, arresting Ronald didn't happen immediately. It took the police some time to put together the evidence to support an arrest. One of the biggest factors was the volume of blood on his body, even coating his torso underneath the two shirts he wore. “When you listen to the 911 call, the father states that she shot herself. The evidence that was collected from the scene and as we’ve worked through the initial investigation, that’s when the death became suspicious. We didn’t feel like the things that we were able to gain from the scene connected the story that was told,”  said Sarah Jensen, of the Norman Police Department.

3. Hiding The Evidence?

Officers who arrived at the scene noticed immediately that everything wasn't exactly as it seemed. For one thing, they believed that both the body and the gun used to kill Kailee were moved prior to their arrival. Ronald for his part apparently, “gave officers a blank stare and told them that he didn’t know where the gun was. Officers had to physically restrain McMullen from wiping blood from his hands. After pictures were taken, Ronald McMullen lay down in the dirt, and began covering himself in dirt while rubbing the shoes he was wearing (also covered in blood) on the concrete entryway,” say police. 

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4. A History of Violence 

According to Kailee's friends, though she didn't mind living at home with her parents, she had a very difficult relationship with her father, Ronald. She told multiple people about different times when he abused her. Witnesses told the police that just this April Ronald struck Kailee in the face so hard that her mother had to intervene in order to get him to stop. According to the report given by the police, Kailee was being beaten so badly by Ronald that her mother saw no other option than pulling a gun on her own husband. 

5. Kailee The Animal Lover 

Kailee was adored by all who knew her, and one of the ways they will remember her best is through her love of animals. "Kailee had a passion for helping people and loved animals. Over the years she owned many pets: Mackey, a tri-color border collie that she loved to take to the dog park; Jack, a pug; Shady, a cat; and many hermit crabs, mice and rats. Kailee had a passion for helping people and loved animals. Over the years she owned many pets: Mackey, a tri-color border collie that she loved to take to the dog park; Jack, a pug; Shady, a cat; and many hermit crabs, mice and rats,” read her obituary

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6. Her Father's Motive 

Kailee was an only child, and according to her mother's social media, her father Ronald was nothing but the perfect father. Obviously, if these allegations are proven to be true, then Ronald was far from being perfect. Ronald's trial has only just started, with the jury selection process being currently underway. Currently, the prosecution is alleging that in addition to murdering his daughter, he also sexually molested her, according to statements she gave to two very close friends. Whatever his motive may be, it's clear that Ronald is a seriously twisted individual, IMHO. 

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