16 Stages Of Talking To A Hot Guy, As Told By Friends

How's your flirting game?

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By Emma Spear

Nearly every girl knows how nerve-wracking it can be to talk to a cute guy.

Your heart starts racing, you stumble over your words, and let’s be real, you just feel awkward.

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Fortunately, Friends understands your flirting struggles all too well.

 Here are 16 stages of talking to a hot guy, according to Friends. 

1. The one where you first see him

Does he see me? I think he does!

Should I wave? Never mind, why would I wave?

Ok, if that cutie comes my way, I’ll say hi.

He’s walking towards me! Oh no!

2. The one where you pretend like you don’t see him at all

The moment you walk past him, you fake it.

“Huh? You’re talking to me? Oh, hey!”

3. The one where you smile at him

And immediately after you smile at the guy you’re eyeing, you think, “Wait, is that weird? What if he doesn’t smile back?” 


4.  The one where you wonder if he notices you staring

You make it look like you have some extremely important business on your phone because yup, he definitely saw you…

5. The one where you wonder if you should say hello

You think, “What could go wrong if I just say ‘hi?’”

Oh, I don’t know … literally everything!

6. The one where you’re tempted to get flirtatious 

Should you unbutton your shirt? Bat your eyes?

What if it makes you look like an idiot? (You end up doing nothing). 

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7. The one where he finally smiles back at you

Now you’re excited to go show him your killer smile! 


So attractive, right? 

8. The one where he says “hi” to you

You can’t contain your excitement.

All you can think is, “He said ‘hi’ to me! Oh my god!”

9. The one where you try to continue the conversation

Your dream basically just came true, so what do you do next?

You sit in an extremely awkward silence, of course!

10. The one where you realize that he’s flirting with you

You try to bring your A-game, but you accidentally insult the poor guy instead.

But hey, maybe he appreciates sarcasm?

11. The one where you wonder why you’re being so awkward

You then tell yourself that he probably finds your quirks endearing.

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12. The one where you wonder if he thinks that you’re crazy

You’re sure that this guy finds you absolutely insane, but you reassure yourself that it’s probably in a cute way.

Right? Right?

13. The one where you think that you blew it

You just want to curl up in your pajamas and sob into a pillow, but unfortunately, you’re still in public.

14. The one where you realize that he’s still smiling at you

It’s a good sign, right? 


15.  The one where you realize just how cute he is

Ugh, why is he so cute?

It’s actually kind of annoying how attractive he is…

16.  The one where he says “hi” again later

You tell yourself that you’ll be the one to greet him tomorrow … maybe.

Even though talking with a cute guy can seem downright terrifying at first, we eventually realize that it isn’t as scary as we think.

Sure, you’ll have some awkward moments along the way, but don’t over-think them!

Just let your conversation flow and see how it pans out, because you never know who could be falling for you!

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