Are Naomi Osaka And Ellen DeGeneres Feuding? All The Deets On How She Feels Ellen 'Did Her Wrong'

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Are Naomi Masaka And Ellen DeGeneres Feuding? New Details On How She Feels Ellen "Did Her Wrong" YouTube 

Stars, as the tabloids are quick to remind us as often as they can, are just like us. They go to the grocery store, they pick up their's dog's waste, and yes, they have crushes on movie stars from their favorite flicks, too! Who is Naomi Osaka? Well, in addition to being a sensational professional tennis player from Japan, she's also got a huge celebrity crush of her own. She recently went on Ellen where she confronted the TV host about totally mortifying her in front of her very own celebrity crush. Are Naomi Osaka and Ellen DeGeneres feuding? Here's what you gotta know. 


1. Meet Naomi Osaka 

Professional tennis player, Naomi Osaka, 21, recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and she was not remotely friendly with the lovable dancing host! That's right! Naomi's got beef, and she let the audience know it. Apparently, the last time the tennis star was on the show, Ellen asked her about which celebrity in Hollywood she had the biggest crush on. Naomi, a player known for her honesty, told Ellen that she was massively crushing on Hollywood hottie, Michael B. Jordan. When she made another appearance on the show, she called out Ellen for texting the star! 


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2. Ellen Did Her Dirty 

One of the things that Ellen (and her other fans) like the most about Naomi is the fact she keeps it real when she is interviewed after her tennis matches. While other athletes are content to spit out empty-sounding truisms and other pointless sound bites, Naomi speaks up. However, she pointed out to Ellen, being so open and honest can often get her into trouble or into awkward situations. “Why does that get you in trouble?” asked Ellen. “Well, you know, last time I was here you just did me dirty,” said Naomi. “All I did was try to fulfill a fantasy of yours. You said that Michael B. Jordan was your crush, so I reached out to him, and then he texted and I think I put out there what he said. I mean he loves you, and it was just unfortunate because he didn’t get back to me in time, while you were still here, but he loves you, he really was a huge fan," explained Ellen.

3. Ellen's Sense of Humor 

Ellen, of course, understood to take Naomi's gentle chiding of the TV host in stride. In fact, she wasn't afraid to give Naomi a little bit of a hard time for what she was able to work out with Michael B. Jordan as a surprise for the tennis star. “Michael B. Jordan on Twitter invited you to go see Creed 2, and you didn’t even respond to him or show up. How is that possible, I try to hook things up, I get it all set up for you, then you don’t even respond or go to the premiere. Why wouldn’t you do that? You’re never gonna get a man, when someone puts it out there for you, take it! Let me tell you how to get a man," joked the star. 


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4. Not Letting It Go 

Naomi gave as good as she got when it came to pulling practical jokes, one of Ellen's favorite pastimes. When the host asked Naomi who she had a crush on now, asking if it was anyone new she coyly revealed that she did have a new Hollywood crush...Ellen herself! The joke landed and Ellen was clearly flattered. Unable to get Jordan to appear on Naomi's second visit to the show, Ellen still had a little bit of a surprise up her sleeve. "I didn’t want to embarrass you, he’s not here. But what we did, this is outside…” and with these words, Ellen revealed a photoshopped image of the two together. “You just really did that,” responded Naomi dryly. 

5. Real About Defeat 

Prior to her Ellen appearance, Naomi was competing in the 2019 U.S. Open, hopeful that she would defend her title in women's singles, but sadly in spite of her hopes, she lost in the 4th round. After the match, Naomi shared a post to Instagram that was just as touching as it was honest. “So I was gonna post an inspirational quote about how today went but that would be a lie lol. Honestly most of the time I don’t really know what I’m doing, but if there’s one thing I know it’s that I’m stubborn," she wrote. Anyone who has fallen down and taken a breath before getting back up knows it isn't always easy. That's what makes this so relatable. 


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6. Words To Live By

“Fall on my face 18million times and I’m gonna get up 18million times anyways just wanted to say I’m probably gonna fall down a couple of dozen times in the future but hey, the kid is resilient love you NY, (but you already knew that haha), see you next year!” Those were Naomi's final thoughts on the subject, and you have to admire her dedication and passion, as much as you have to admire her total honesty. Being a celebrity isn't easy, and when you're an athlete too it can be even more challenging. Thankfully, it seems like Naomi is handling herself just fine. 

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