New Jersey Man Who Broke Into Taylor Swift's House Arrested For Doing Donuts On Trump's Golf Course

Richard McEwan has made quite the name for himself, creating a legacy that isn't exactly... ideal.

Who Is Richard McEwan? New Details On Man Who Destroyed Trump Golf Course And Broke Into Taylor Swift's House Getty

The 26-year-old New Jersey native who made headlines for burglarizing Taylor Swift's home, is back at it again — this time for destroying Trump's golf course, the National Golf Club Bedminster. Not sure who the infamous McEwan is? Luckily for you, we have all the details right here, right now; and now, we present the epic tale of Richard McEwan: it truly is a production you need to know about. Who is Richard McEwan?


1. McEwan’s targeted Trump’s golf course twice.

Sources say McEwan was involved in two separate incidents that warranted police attention. The first time around on September 3, an employee reported seeing a vehicle doing “donuts” on the 11th hole of the golf course; the Ford was later confirmed to be registered to McEwan. A week later, McEwan returned with a vengeance, doing “donuts” at the 13th hole, which has caused damage estimated between $7K-$9K; a witness was able to provide police with a partial license plate of the vehicle.


2. In total, McEwan did at least $17,000 in damage to the course.

According to authorities, McEwan’s joy rides have resulted in approximately $17,000 in damages. Talk about yikes!

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3. Last month, he was busted inside Swift‘s beachfront home in Rhode Island.

Officers responded to a phone tip of a man jumping outside of Swift’s lavish beach house. Upon police arrival, McEwan tried escaping, but was quickly caught and charged with breaking and entering and willful trespassing. Once he was in custody, he then informed cops that he had taken his shoes off to “be polite.” An investigation determined he had arrived to Rhode Island earlier in the day to find Taylor.

4. Fun fact: he was the first burglar to break inside her home.

Yup, you ready that correctly! According to Heavy, The Westerly police had dealt with numerous complaints similar in nature, but have never heard of anyone actually making it into the home.

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5. McEwan is currently not in police custody.

Though McEwan was taken into police custody, he has since been released pending a future court date.


6. What’s next for McEwan?

With two criminal offenses and a slew of charges under his belt, McEwan may face serious consequences. We’ll have to wait and see!

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