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Get To Know Adair Curtis, Star Of Netflix's Hit Show 'Styling Hollywood'

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Who Is Adair Curtis? New Details On The Star Of Netflix's Hit Show 'Styling Hollywood'

Like Queer Eye before it, Styling Hollywood is a show that aims to change people's lives by improving both their home and their wardrobe. But who is Adair Curtis, one-half of the infamous Styling Hollywood duo? 

Let's look at what we know about this amazing stylist...and man!

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1. He's considered an "interior designer to the stars."

According to Architectural Digest, before Styling Hollywood was even a thing, Adair Curtis was considered an "interior designer to the stars." He'd designed several houses for the Hollywood elite, including Gabrielle Union, Dule Hill, and many, many more. 

2. Adair Curtis married his husband in 2012.

The Huffington Post recalls that Adair Curtis married his husband — and his Styling Hollywood co-star — Jason Bolden back in 2012. "Though balancing their personal and professional commitments can be challenging, Curtis has said he “couldn’t imagine not working with” Bolden," reports the outlet.

3. He's in business with Jason Bolden.

Refinery29 reports that in addition to starring on Styling Hollywood, Adair Curtis owns a business called JSN Studio with Jason Bolden. The studio specializes in — what else? — home and wardrobe styling. 

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4. Adair Curtis says that he still gets "nervous" around the cameras, even though they've been following him for a long time. 

"I was definitely nervous and less than enthused initially. But then throughout the season, knowing that there was really nothing I could do about it, I just got more comfortable and the cameras kind of faded away. I said what I thought and what I felt in the moment," he told The Hollywood Reporter, while adding that he likes to channel "black girl magic" when working with his clients.

5. He says he and Jason Bolden encountered resistance when they first started out. 

Adair Curtis told Essence Magazine that while he and his husband had to "figure it out on their own" when it came to their careers, their white counterparts seemed to have it easy and started interning with some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. "There’s no book for brown people, there’s no book for us," he said, while adding that his hard work and determination is what propelled he and Bolden ahead.

6. Adair Curtis & Jason Bolden are getting nothing but rave reviews for Styling Hollywood.

"Their electric personalities, combined with candid appearances from celebrities like Ava DuVernay and Sanaa Lathan, are entertaining on their own. But the show is also strikingly honest about the obstacles the couple faces in their professional and personal lives, making their high-profile world feel surprisingly three-dimensional. Styling Hollywood's candid approach makes it a refreshing window into the worlds of Hollywood stylists and Black celebrities, as well as an upbeat depiction of Black gay life," said Vice Magazine.

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