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Meet Anthony Lupi — Hot UPS Guy In New York City Who's Driving Women Crazy

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Who Is Anthony Lupi? New Details On The Hot UPS Guy In New York Driving Women Crazy

New York’s hottest sweetheart has the women of Soho head-over-heels in love! Anthony Lupi has quite the reputation in the Big Apple. He's best known as the hot UPS man who has become the highlight of many women’s days. Over the years, Lupi has become a celebrity figure, making headlines across esteemed national media outlets for simply doing his job.

Sadly, the unfortunate souls outside of the area are probably wondering, who is Anthony Lupi? If you’re part of this group, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this borough’s Prince Charming!

1. He is a former model turned heart-throb making deliveries in Soho, NYC.

The 6’2’’ heartthrob used to work at Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s, learning how to cut, sew, and tailor in the process. Today, he’s been working at UPS for five years, amassing a devoted fan base that fawns over his irresistible good looks and charm. 

2. Customers along his route make complaints whenever he’s transferred.

Lupi regularly delivers 250-350 packages a day during his five-block route in downtown Manhattan; and any reroute sends customers into a rage. Whenever customers find another UPS employee in his place, they immediately begin filing heated complaints. According to UPS spokesman Dan McMackin, the company receives many calls exactly like this a year. 

3. He gets asked out on dates about 10 times a week.

A total package in uniform, Lupi is approached and sought after women by all ages. The guy-next-door has been hit on by 98-year-old grandmas, businesses owners, and was even once invited to party with a group of bachelorettes after his shift. Lupi, who is always flattered by these advances, knows he has to keep things professional and moving along as planned.

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4. He always introduces himself by name and gives his number to customers.

To build a rapport with his clients, Lupi always gives out his personal information, so customers can reach out in the event that they need his support. He sometimes receives calls in the middle of night regarding package deliveries, but like a knight in shining armor, he’s more than happy to help and serve as a reliable resources.

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5. Unfortunately for us, he's currently in a loving relationship.

The Long Island native has been in a committed relationship for eight years. Sorry, ladies: he’s clearly off the market!

6. What’s next for Anthony Lupi?

The sky's the limit for Lupi, UPS’ best customer service asset. As of now, it’s believed that he’ll continue winning the hearts of women far and wide with his handsome face and even better personality.

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