Meet Tom Gosselin — 'Jon And Kate Plus 8' Star Jon Gosselin's Mysterious Brother

There's more than one brother.

Who Is Jon Gosselin's Brother? New Details On Tom Gosselin And Why He's So Rarely Spotted Instagram

Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame took to his Instagram account to share a photo of himself with his look-a-like brother Tom. He captioned the photo "Happy 50th bday to my brother Tom!!! I know we don't age, hahaha." This left fans wondering about Jon's sibling and family. Who is Jon Gosselin's brother?

1. He's his older brother

At 50, Tom is older than Jon by eight years. Jon turned 42 on April 1st. Fans loved seeing an inside look at Jon and his sibling. One wrote: "You are correct about not aging you both look very young. Another said: "You can tell the two of you are brothers! Happy birthday, Tom!"


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2. Being surrounded by family

It's been a tumultuous decade for Jon Gosselin since his divorce from Kate, cancellation of their TLC show and his estrangement from most of his eight children. He seems to have turned it around recently and maybe that's because he has the support and love of his family. 



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3. The kids he has custody of

Jon Gosselin has custody of Hannah and Collin. On August 26th he shared a first day of school photo of them and captioned it: “FRESHMAN!!! 9th Grade Wow!!! I can’t believe it!!! Good luck to Hannah and Collin this year!!! Today is their first day of high school!!!! I hope all my kids have a wonderful year in high school this year and have great experiences!!! Love all of you!!!”


4. His home life

While Kate has custody of Leah, Alexia, Joel, Aaden, Mady and Cara, Jon seems to be doing great in his homelife. Hannah and Collin live with their dad and his longtime girlfriend Collen Conrad. Back in December, Jon opened up to In Touch about his kids' relationship with Colleen as a stepmother. He said: "They love her. She's a great parent."

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5. Jon helped throw a surprise party for Tom

Tom posted a collage on social media of what looked like a surprise birthday party. He revealed in the caption that Jon helped pull off the party alongside their other brother Mark. He captioned the photo: "Yep. Totally surprised," he wrote. "Dena, Mark, mom, Jon, Jordan et al pulled it off. I feel so blessed and loved. This old guy is not worthy. Saw so many people who mean so much. Dena thank you for everything," he went on. "You have made me feel so special. Not just today, but everyday. So much more to do. Bring on the next 50!!!! Much love to everyone."

6. They are a tight knit family

Jon is the middle child of three brothers. Tom is the oldest and Mark Gosselin is the youngest. They all live in Pennsylvania not far from each other. 


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