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Meet Paige Elkington — Flume's Girlfriend Who Posted X-Rated Video From Burning Man

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Who Is Paige Elkington? New Details On Flume's Girlfriend And X-Rated Video She Posted To Instagram From Burning Man

DJ Flume out of Australia managed to shock the crowds assembled for Burning Man this year, and given that this is a group of people who build a camp in the desert, do drugs and party until they fall over, you know that what Flume had to offer was out of this world. Who is Paige Elkington? She's the Australian DJ's girlfriend, and she's the woman who Flume publicly performed a sex act upon, one that quickly went viral when she made the decision to share it on her Instagram page. 

1. Flume & Paige At Burning Man 

Let's break down a couple of things first. The reason you're here right now is probably because you saw a headline about a raunchy Instagram video featuring the Australian DJ Flume (AKA Harley Streten). The video in question was taken at Burning Man and was shared by Flume's girlfriend — model, actor and comedian Paige Elkington on her Instagram stories. Here's what happens in the story: A person is holding up a sign that asks "Does Flume even eat a**?" Then, the next story is, well, Flume doing exactly that. While Paige doesn't confirm that hers is, indeed, the a** being eaten, her caption on the story reads "Sorry mom" which usually isn't something you slap on a picture of someone else getting their a** eaten by your quasi-famous boyfriend at Burning Man. 

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2. Paige's Work To Date

Currently, Paige is perhaps gaining the most notoriety of her career off of this short viral video of a sex act, and that's cool. It's also not her first foray into the wacky world of celebrity or filmmaking. Paige has branded herself as a model, actress, writer and comedian, and those are too many titles not to have a resume to back that up. She's even a bit of the auteur, having written and directed a short film in which she also appeared, called Jessica. Prior to this Instagram frenzy, Paige was most often recognized for her work playing the part of Kaitlin in Milo Ventimiglia's project for Verizon, Relationship Status. The show premiered on Verizon's streaming surface back in 2016. 


A post shared by Paige Elkington (@myfriendpaige) on Oct 18, 2018 at 4:27pm PDT

3. Her Plans For The Future 

Paige, while a working actor and writer, also has dreams and ambitions outside of other people's projects and outside of her boyfriend's mouth (isn't it shocking how a person can get their a** eaten out and still be like, a human being with ideas and opinions? Shocker, I know). In fact, in an interview from three years ago Paige opened up about a project that is very near and dear to her heart that she hopes to be able to talk more about soon. She's writing her own web series which she compared to the likes of some serious comedic delights."I'm also working on a web series. It's my own version of Broad City or Girls. It focuses on millennial 'slasher' culture and millennial cynicism, self-self-documentation, but in a way that hopefully isn't brutal," she said.

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4. Paige & Jeff Goldblum 

Paige is probably one of those rare people who is built to handle this kind of viral notoriety. I say that's the case because back in 2018 she hit viral fame after she and friend were photographed with the actor Jeff Goldblum. The internet being what it is, the photo quickly went viral and it had a tremendous impact on Paige personally, as she shared on Instagram: "This year was the absolute worst year of my life health wise and I hit an all time low and dealt with a lot of personal heath stuff and trauma very secretly. I was resentful because I felt like the year was stolen from me and I wasn't able to accomplish what I wanted to. I felt less than, constantly stressed about my health and depressed. I didn't think I would crawl out of it but I DID and ended the year in such a happy, healthy, focused, and peaceful place. I also obtained meme fame from this iconic photo with Jeffery Goldblum. If you're in a dark place, know that it is temporary. Life isn't a chill cruise to the top....it's ups and downs forever. That's okay! Happy holidays. Thank you for your love and support . I have good stuff planned for 2019 and I hope I can make y'all LOL for a long time . Xoxoxoxo"


A post shared by Paige Elkington (@myfriendpaige) on Dec 25, 2018 at 1:44pm PST

5. Passionate About Prison Reform

It might be easy to dismiss Paige as just another pretty face, but she's more than that. In fact, while she's only been in the public eye for a handful of years, she's already using that platform to make some pretty awesome decisions in terms of outreach. One of her big passions, as she told Standard Hotels, is to focus on prison reform: "I work with this organization called Dignity and Power Now, which serves incarcerated people. Most Angelenos don’t know that LA County has the largest prison system in the world and the harshest bail system in the nation. We incarcerate people for mental illness, homelessness, survival crimes, poverty. It’s inhumane. This is in our backyard."

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6. Tennessee To L.A.

While Paige might seem like she was born to be famous, it didn't start off that way. This big city girl was actually born and raised in Tennessee, and it was only after going to college to study business that she decided to make the leap to L.A. where things got a little bit more complicated than she planned. “I initially came out [to Los Angeles] with the intention to work for the LA branch of a music management company, but that didn’t last too long. I started getting booked on commercials and music videos and was making more money than my salary. So I quit and started working as a model and actor.” Whatever her reasons for moving to the West Coast there's no denying she's made an impact. 

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