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Meet Emanne Beasha — 10-Year-Old Opera Singer Who Got Golden Buzzer On 'America's Got Talent'

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Who Is Emanne Beasha? New Details On 10-Year-Old Opera Singer Who Got Golden Buzzer On 'AGT'

If you were to only listen to the final act from America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night, you would have likely believed the singer performing was an adult woman, but this girl is 10-year-old Emanne Beasha. After performing a remarkable opera song, the 10-year-old stunned America’s Got Talent judges with her incredible voice, earning herself a golden buzzer and a spot in the semi-finals!

The young singer's song choice was opera song “Ebben,” which allowed her to showcase her ability to hit high notes in a way that seemed truly unbelievable. Beasha told Entertainment Tonight that the moment was so crazy, she was able to tune out the audience and put her complete focus into her performance. 

Entertainment Tonight’s Denny Directo interviewed Beasha backstage, “who said that while her biggest inspirations come from classical opera, she still has some favorite contemporary artists she loves to listen to as well.”

Read on to hear what judges had to say about the young opera singer's performance — who is Emanne Beasha?

Next week starts the kick-off to semi-finals. Who will it be?

America's Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

1. She received a standing ovation

It should come to no surprise that singer Beasha received a standing ovation after her groundbreaking performance. Watching the AGT video, you can clearly see how amazed the audience is by the tiny girl with the powerful voice.


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2. Julianne Hough’s reaction was priceless

Hough was in complete awe by Beasha's performance, and her face said it all! Hough went on to tell the young singer that her performance was unlike any she had ever heard before and that it was mind-blowing.

In an interview with ET, Hough shares more of her admiration for the girl. She said, "She's an icon at 10-years-old and helping to pave the way for many artists to come.”

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3. She got Simon Cowell’s approval

In spite of being the harshest critic on AGT a week prior, even Simon Cowell was captivated by Beasha just as much as we were. He told the young singer, "You aren't just in a different league tonight, you're on a different planet from everyone else," he continues, "This is one of those times I'm going to remember."

4. Jay Leno gave her a golden buzzer

According to CNN, Leno was so impressed by the young singer's performance of "Nessun Dorma" that he gave her, her first golden buzzer. The other judges were also blown away and gave Beasha four yeses. 

5. 'America's Got Talent' ain't Beasha's first rodeo

According to Heavy, Beasha also performed on the 5th season of Arab’s Got Talent when she was just 8 years old and gained a following at age 10.

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