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Meet William Kilmartin — Leah Remini's Ex-Brother-In-Law And ... Newly-Adopted Brother?

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Who Is William Kilmartin? New Details On Leah Remini's Brother-In-Law And Newly Adopted Brother

Leah Remini has become well-known for her criticism of the Church of Scientology. She grew up in the church and left it as an adult in a very publicized manner. She wasn't the only one that left, though — so did her sister Shannon Farrara and her then-husband William Kilmartin. Shannon and William eventually divorced, but it's all good, he stayed close with the family. So close that Leah, Shannon, and the rest of their family just attended his wedding. Who is William Kilmartin?

1. William's family disowned him

When William Kimartin left the Church of Scientology his family disowned him. He wasn't left without family for long though, as Leah's family stepped in and drew them into their fold. The Remini family: Leah, Shannon and their parents formally adopted William in a Los Angeles courtroom via a "Certificate of Family Membership."

2. All in the family

William recently got remarried to his bride Brianne and it was a big family shindig. Leah, Shannon and Leah's parents all attended the wedding. Shannon even went to Brianne's bachelorette party. On August 3, Shannon posted on Instagram: “Ya know, just an average day, celebrating my ex husband’s new wife to be #bachelorette #sisterwives @breezygirl.” 


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3. It's All Relative

William appeared on Leah's short-lived reality show It's All Relative. He married her sister Shannon on August 16, 2008. He filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences on August 12, 2016. He asked the court to terminate both parties rights to seek alimony. The divorce was final in May 2017.

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4. William and Brianne

William went public with his relationship with Brianne Smith one day after he filed for divorce. The couple got engaged in 2018. 


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5. Keeping it cozy

Despite the interesting timing of Kilmartin's divorce and new girlfriend, all things seemed copacetic between the exes as Shannon, William and Brianne were spotted out many times as a threesome, having dinner and enjoying each other's company. 

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6. Beating the "Reality Show Curse"

When Shannon and William announced their divorce, many people commented that they'd fallen victim to the "Reality Show Curse."  They say if you want to make sure you never get divorced you should avoid being on a reality TV show at all costs. While they did get divorced, with how friendly they all are, I'd say that William and Shannon beat the reality show curse. 

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