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Meet Gonzo Carazo —'Little Women: LA' Star Christy McGinty's Baby Daddy

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Who Is Gonzo Carazo? New Details On 'Little Women: LA' Star Christy McGinty's Boyfriend And Their Baby News

Little Women: LA star Christy McGinty has been through a lot lately, which is why we're so happy she's found love again with her new boyfriend Gonzo Carazo. And, she recently confirmed that she's pregnant with his baby! That should take some of the sting out of all the BS she's been going through with her estranged husband Todd Gibel. Who is Gonzo Garazo?

1. He loves her

Gonzo didn't think Christy could get pregnant because she is 42. He told Radar: "This will be a new experience. I never thought because of her age that Christy could get pregnant again. I was speechless at first, quiet, I didn't know how to react. Eventually I got excited about this new journey in my life. My stomach was in knots as it was a lot to take in. Overall, I'm happy because I love Christy!"

2. How far along is she?

Sources close to the Little Women: LA couple reveal that the pregnancy was definitely a surprise, but they are viewing it as "the biggest blessing." Christy is about two months along. A source told Radar: “To bring up a baby surrounded with nothing but love care and support. They have a great support group and Christy’s daughter. Autumn Taylor, is so overjoyed and can’t wait to help her mom and best friend through this.”

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3. Issues with her ex

Christy is, of course, still battling with her ex-husband, Todd. He wants a divorce due to irreconcilable differences. He's also asking for spousal support and wants the court to terminate her ability to be awarded support from him. Christy filed for an annulmnent from Todd earlier this summer. She also filed a Domestic Violence Protection Order in May, which was granted. Christy has accused her ex of blackmailing her, ripping up her mail and more. 


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4. He lives in New York City

Gonzo Carazo is also a little person. He lives in New York City and he's in his early 30s. He and Christy have been hanging out for months. They reportedly met almost a decade ago at a convention. Their romance bloomed online for a number of months before they got together. 

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5. Did she cheat on her ex with Gonzo?

Celebrity Insider revealed Todd Gibel took to his Instagram page moments after Christy shared a photo of Gonzo. He has since deleted the post but he said, "She just left out the part about the affair. I will also never understand why immediately after she told her publicist @blu_pr about her affair with Gonzalo Carazo that they then tried to organize a meet & greet in NYC as a cover for Christy to visit Gonzalo. I’m here to say that I take full responsibility that my void pushed Christy in a direction to look for affection elsewhere, but I will refuse to take responsibility for Gonzo Carazo & Julie Anderson’s @blu_pr actions.”

6. Gonzo just wants to make Christy happy

Gonzo and Christy were friends for years before they fell in love. A source close to the couple said: "Christy and Gonzo have so much in common. It turned from many years of friendship to something else. His main goal is to make her happy. She is happy and he is happy."

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