Marsha Edwards Said She 'Couldn't Ask For Better Children' — Then She Allegedly Killed Them And Herself

Don't believe everything you see on social media.

Who Is Marsha Edwards? New Details On The Georgia Mother Who Killed Her Adult Children And Herself Facebook

Just hours after posting a photo claiming that she "couldn't ask for better children," she allegedly killed them, and herself. Who is Marsha Edwards?

Here's what we know about this woman and her role in this unfortunate tragedy. 


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1. Marsha Edwards killed herself and her children, but investigators don't know why. 

According to People Magazine, when Marsha Edwards fatally shot both of her children before turning the gun on herself, everyone was shocked. Mainly, however, the investigators assigned to the case couldn't understand why she'd allegedly committed this horrible crime. 



A post shared by Marsha Edwards (@marsha.edwards.7564) on Aug 15, 2019 at 3:45pm PDT

2. The Edwards family was a very prominent one. 

"The prominent family had ties in the media, medical and civic industries of Atlanta. Marsha recently attended the National Association of Black Journalists annual convention in Miami two weeks ago and snapped photos with the organization’s Hall of Fame inductee Tom Joyner and Trayvon Martin’s mother Sabrina Fulton, among others," reported The Root


3. Marsha Edwards' children were remembered as accomplished and kind. 

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Marsha Edwards' children — a son named Christopher Jr. and a daughter named Erin — were remembered for being both accomplished and kind. Erin, especially, was noted for being especially supportive of her friends.

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4. The family was found dead in their home. 

According to Yahoothe Edwards' family was found dead in their home after the police were called to perform a wellness check on the family. The bodies were found on Wednesday night of last week. 

5. Marsha Edwards traveled extensively with her children. 

According to Vibe Magazine, on the day she killed her children (and then herself), Marsha Edwards told her followers that she traveled extensively with them. She went to Miami with Christopher Jr. when he went on vacation, and she traveled with Erin to Italy last month. 


6. The family's funeral will be held this week. 

According to CBS 46, Marsha Edwards and her two children will be buried this Wednesday in Atlanta. Dr. Christopher Edwards — the father of the two children, and Marsha Edwards' former husband — was the one who made the phone call to check on their well-being. Additionally, he didn't release any comments about their deaths because he said he was "in shock" and "devastated."

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