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Emmy Tayler Is The Second British Woman To Be Tied To Jeffrey Epstein — And Prosecutors Have Questions

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Emmy Tayler

Just when you thought the Jeffrey Epstein drama couldn't get any weirder — a new report has revealed that there's yet another woman involved in the drama, and prosecutors want answers. Who is Emmy Tayler?

Let's look at what we know about this latest player in the Jeffrey Epstein saga.

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1. She was once Ghislaine Maxwell's assistant. 

According to The Cut, the main reason why prosecutors are interesting in talking to Emmy Tayler is that she once worked as Ghislaine Maxwell's assistant. The outlet reports that Tayler, who was also a core part of Epstein's entourage back in the early 2000's, was also revealed to be on various flight logs involving Epstein around the same time. 

2. Emmy Tayler's name was mentioned in various court documents. 

"At that point, I met Emmy Taylor (sic), and she took me up to Jeffrey’s bathroom and he was present,” Sjoberg said in a deposition. “And her and I both massaged Jeffrey. She was showing me how to massage. And then she — he took — he got off the table, she got on the table. She took off her clothes, got on the table, and then he was showing me moves that he liked. And then I took my clothes off. They asked me to get on the table so I could feel it. Then they both massaged me," reads the court documents, according to The New York Post.

3. Prosecutors believe she was involved in the procurement of underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein. 

According to The Mirror, prosecutors believe that Emmy Tayler was one of the people who was involved in the procurement of underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein. The outlet reports that her "home base" was the so-called Zorro Ranch in New Mexico. 

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4. Emmy Tayler is now trying to live a so-called "normal" life. 

"Now aged 44 and living quietly in Oxford, Ms. Tayler was named repeatedly in unsealed court papers as the former personal assistant to Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s ex-girlfriend. Earlier this week one of the alleged victims launched a lawsuit against Ms. Maxwell, 57, amid claims she “acted as a madam” for Epstein by helping him to procure young girls for sex," reported Boing Boing.

5. Zorro Ranch is at the heart of the current FBI probe. 

"Following his death in custody last week, aged 66, the ranch will be the focus of an FBI probe on his vile network. Among those facing scrutiny is British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who allegedly helped Epstein traffic a 15-year-old to Zorro Ranch and joined him in abusing her there," says a different report for The Mirror.

6. Emmy Tayler is now living in Oxford, England. 

According to True Crime Online, Emmy Tayler is currently living in Oxford, England, which is where prosecutors are looking to extradite her from. It should be interesting to see if she cooperates, and how many more sordid details she will reveal if she does cooperate. 

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